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    Sha'Carri Richardson Explained Her Decision To Use Marijuana And Received A Lot Of Support From Fans

    "Who am I to tell you how to cope when you're dealing with a pain or dealing with a struggle that you've never experienced before."

    Only a few weeks ago, Sha'Carri Richardson was flying high as the fastest woman in America and earning a spot at the Tokyo Olympics.

    Unfortunately, on Friday morning, it was announced that she would be disqualified from competing in the 100-meter race at the Olympics after testing positive for cannabis.

    The athlete was interviewed by Savannah Guthrie on Today prior to the announcement being made and took full responsibility for her mistake.

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    "I want to take responsibility for my actions. I know what I did," she shared. "I know what I'm supposed to do, [what] I'm allowed not to do, and I still made that decision."

    Before the race, Sha'Carri's biological mother died — something she says caused her to use marijuana.

    She explained of her decision, "To put on a face to have to go in front of the world and put on a face and hide my pain, like, who am I to tell you how to cope when you're dealing with a pain or dealing with a struggle that you've never experienced before."

    Sha'Carri took to Twitter on Thursday night to ask people to understand her situation.

    Many fans and celebrities came to her defense online as well.

    Actor Gabrielle Union said the committee should "let her run."

    Weed is great for many a thing but running faster isn't one of them. LET HER RUN!!! #ShacarriRichardson

    Twitter: @itsgabrielleu

    Radio personality Damon Bruce said weed doesn't make you faster.

    If smoking weed made ya faster, I’d be the Road Runner. Let. Her. Race. #ShacarriRichardson

    Twitter: @DamonBruce

    This fan remarked that she "had every right to get high" considering the stress she was under.

    sha’carri mom just died in the middle of her competing for a place in the olympics . major situations happening at once in her life . she had every right to get high, drunk or whatever for her mental health . she didn’t hurt anyone . i still support her . #shacarririchardson

    Twitter: @F0ll0wDeezNutz

    Another fan is wondering why we are even testing for marijuana in 2021.

    Who still drug tests for weed in this big 2021? Grow up #ShaCarriRichardson

    Twitter: @kingson7_

    A different fan was impressed that she managed to race with marijuana in her system.

    Aye ion know too many ppl that can run 100 meter sober let alone high #ShaCarriRichardson

    Twitter: @blackenese217

    As of now, the Olympics committee is sticking firm to their decision. No matter what happens, Sha'Carri Richardson has a bright future ahead of her, and she's just getting started.