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    Selena Gomez Fans Are Upset At "The Good Fight" Joking About The Singer's Kidney Transplant

    The Selenators strike back. 👀

    If you thought the Beyhive was fierce, you don't know the Selenators.

    On Tuesday, Selena Gomez's fanbase came to her defense after a joke on the series The Good Fight poked fun at her expense.

    The joke was featured in Season 5, Episode 4, where characters are having a discussion about comedy and cancel culture.

    The cast of The Good Fight sitting on stage for a panel discussion

    While talking about what is okay or not okay to joke about, one of the characters asks another, "Selena Gomez's kidney transplant?"

    Fans were very quick to call out the tasteless humor online.

    On Twitter, one fan said they are "sick and tired" of the jokes.

    i am sick and tired, this has happened so many times RESPECT SELENA GOMEZ

    Twitter: @backtoselenx

    Another fan couldn't believe that we're still not evolved past this.

    people are making fun of selena’s health now?! omfg i thought we got over this RESPECT SELENA GOMEZ

    Twitter: @bumblebrini

    "Selena's kidney transplant isn't a joke," someone else tweeted.

    selena's kidney transplant isn't a joke so RESPECT SELENA GOMEZ selena and francia deserve respect and love

    Twitter: @badpositionz

    A lot of fans agreed that her health is a "very sensitive topic" that should not be mocked.

    Selena's health is a very sensitive topic to every selenators whether they are admin of Sel's fanpages or the peoples who loves Selena. We will not allow any of the show to make joke on Sel's health RESPECT SELENA GOMEZ

    Twitter: @AnamikaSingh305

    Selena got a kidney transplant in 2017 amid her battle with lupus. She received a kidney from fellow actor Francia Raisa.

    This is the second time a TV series has drawn backlash for joking about Selena's kidney transplant.

    In November of 2020, an episode of the Saved by the Bell reboot was called out for making a similar joke. Peacock, UTV, and executive producers issued an apology and pulled the scene from the episode.

    Selena hasn't commented about the jokes, but it seems she's far too busy living her best life. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.