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    Post Malone Got Fangs And, Honestly, They Aren't Bad

    Why pimp out your ride when you can pimp out your grill?

    Post Malone has always walked to the beat of his own drum, to put it lightly.

    To put it not so lightly: The man does whatever TF he wants to his body when he wants. Honestly, good for him.

    You know, like the time he got "always tired" tattooed under his eyes. Or cutting off all his hair and getting a skull tattooed to his head. Wild stuff.

    His latest physical upgrade is a brand new set of fangs. Not just any fangs — diamond fangs.

    His new grill is worth a whopping $1.6 million. Technically, they aren't actual fangs. He got natural porcelain veneers framed with two diamond fangs, but you know, same thing.

    The rapper's dental work reportedly included 28 units of ceramic restoration. Plus, the two diamonds amount to a total weight of 12 carats.

    The work was done by "The Father of Diamond Dentistry" — aka dentist Thomas Connelly — who's previously worked with artists like DaBaby and Shaq.

    I have no idea what Post Malone plans to do to his body next, but I can't wait to see.