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    Paris And Nicky Hilton Inspired The Movie "White Chicks," And The Story Behind It Is So Iconic

    I'm gonna throw a BF.

    Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton were already icons in my eyes, but the fact that they inspired one of my favorite movies in the world just further solidifies their icon status.

    Paris in sunglasses and sparkly outfit and Nicky in baby blue

    White Chicks, which starred Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans, is about two Black FBI agents who go undercover as — you guessed it — white women. And now we know it was actually inspired by Paris and her sister.

    Marlon and Shawn as two white chicks dancing

    On Thursday, Marlon posted a picture with Paris and explained how the legendary film came to be.

    "The original 'white chick' and I... funny story one day my brother [Shawn] calls me at 3am saying 'marlon we should play white chicks'... i replied 'nigga, you high?'." Marlon wrote. "The next day he showed me a magazine with [Paris] and her sister on the cover and said we should play gurls like this. I immediately got it."

    Marlon and Shawn on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet

    The movie was all love, and a send-up of Paris's huge cultural influence during the early '00s.

    Paris wearing thigh-high black boots, a miniskirt, a heart-shaped bag, and sunglasses

    "They were so big and was the gateway to pop culture send up. We did that film in good spirit to celebrate a special time in all of our lives," Marlon explained. "So thank you paris and Nikki [sic] for being muses. Love ya. When we do #WhiteChicks2 'let’s go shopping.'"

    Marlon and Shawn as two white chicks, with long blonde wigs

    Marlon's revelation is just another reminder that Paris Hilton will go down in history as one of the most influential figures in pop culture, and honestly, that's hot.