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Nicole Byer's Gorgeous Purple Gown At The 2021 Emmys Was A Whole Mood

Ummm, who gave this woman permission to look this good?

This woman does not miss! Nicole Byer arrived at the Emmys ready to stun.

Nicole posing on the Emmys Red carpet

The comedian showed up on the carpet channeling some major Dreamgirls energy, and I am shook in all the best ways.

.@nicolebyer dazzles in purple at the #Emmys 💜

Twitter: @Variety

Her off-the-shoulder purple gown, designed by Christian Siriano, made her a standout on the carpet.

Nicole looking over her shoulder as she poses for photographers

Christian has been an advocate for dressing stars for major events and promoting body positivity within the world of designer fashion.

Christian Siriano wears a metallic long-sleeved shirt and dark pants on the red carpet at the Now Next Awards

He's known for adding a little pop of color, and he absolutely nailed it (ha! get it?) with this look.

Last year, Nicole made history as the first Black woman nominated in the Reality TV Hosting category.

Nicole wore a voluminous leopard-printed gown at the Creative Arts Emmys

She told Deadline, "It means that hopefully when someone has a pitch deck for a show that when they’re suggesting a host, it’s not just a deck of white guys, that it’s more inclusive and that hopefully that this will open doors for other people."

Nicole wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and  a glittery cardigan as she smiles on set

"That’s truly what I hope," she continued. "I hope that we get to see all different kinds of people hosting different things."

I couldn't agree more! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bunch more Nicole Byer pictures to go obsess over.