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    TikTok Has Become The Go To Destination Of Millennial's Favorite Child Stars

    It's like a reunion everyday.

    In the last year alone, TikTok has become the app where new trends are born and unsuspecting people are made famous.

    However, it's also become a destination for veteran stars to create new content and gain a fresh audience.

    Here are 12 celebs who are serving up the best nostalgia with their TikToks:

    1. Kimberly J. Brown

    The Halloweentown actor went viral with the story of meeting her boyfriend, who starred alongside her in the Disney channel series. 

    2. Kel Mitchell

    Who loves TikTok, Kel loves TikTok. Is it true? Mhmmmm. If you don't understand that reference, then please go watch the hit Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan & Kel, and then scroll through the actor's hilarious TikTok account to see what he's been up to.

    3. Devon Werkheiser

    The former star of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is back with tips for the new generation on his TikTok. Sadly, the reboot he pitched never got picked up. What gives, Nickelodeon?!

    4. David Archuleta


    Today marks 13 years since I lost American Idol. Thinking about these girls. Hope they're doing fine, wherever they are! 😃

    ♬ Never Forget You - Noisettes

    We've got a crush on this former American Idol star! The singer now posts fun vides of all his new music. Trust us, he's still got it! 

    5. China Ann Mcclain

    The actor played a child genius on the hit Disney series Ant Farm, and now she gives the world genius videos on her page. 

    6. Ashley Tisdale


    Sharpays been real quiet since you posted this

    ♬ When Veruca Says - Clive Carter & Tia Noakes

    She's still fabulous and wants the world to know it! Ashley has no problem bringing back her character of Sharpay for fans of her content. 

    7. Paul Butcher, Matt Underwood and Sean Flynn. 


    Guess Logan isn’t as smooth as he used to be 😂 @mattdunderwood @seanrioflynn

    ♬ original sound - Paul Butcher

    The boys of Zoey 101 got together for a fun online reunion. Paul Butcher, who played Dustin Brooks, Matt Underwood who played Logan Reese, and Sean Flynn, who played Chase Matthews did a fun TikTok that made fans of the show completely lose it.

    8. Avan Jogia


    I’ve missed TikTok, the sounds the burn into the back of your skull, the meaningless trends and the sick feeling of time slipping away from you.

    ♬ use this sound if bingus is superior -

    The former Victorious star entertains fans with his brand of wit and charm. Plus, he's always providing new tips for young actors trying to break into the biz. 

    9. Candace Cameron Bure

    The former Full House star always stays up to date with the new trends, and this viral video is proof of it. I love to love Candace and I'm not ashamed of it. 

    10. Khleo Thomas


    Answer to @thelycanking - I gotta link up with @holestiktok. If I get to 1 million followers, that’s the first thing I’m doing. Guaranteed.

    ♬ original sound - Khleo Thomas

    You might remember Khleo for his iconic role as Zero in the hit movie Holes. He's definitely not a zero anymore! 

    11. Christy Carlson Romano

    Honestly, she may not be the main character, but she'll always be the favorite annoying older sister from Even Stevens in our hearts. 

    12. Lance Bass


    Teaching members of @backstreetboys the #ByeByeBye dance is a trip! #BoybandWars #BackSync #Nostalgia #NSYNC #BSB #FYP

    ♬ original sound - Lance Bass

    Everyone's favorite boy band crush has been killing it on TikTok with prime nostalgic content.

    I hope you have nothing planned for the rest of the day, because you're about to get lost in some good nostalgic content. Thank me later.