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    Melissa Fumero Revealed Bill Hader Was One Of Her Favorite Guest Stars For This Very Personal Reason

    "I felt calmer after that day. Bill Hader said it's cool; it's all going to be OK."

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    Brooklyn Nine-Nine may be coming to an end, but we'll always have the memories.

    Melissa posing for photographs on the Imagen Awards red carpet in a v-cut dress and matching purse
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    Especially thanks to Melissa Fumero's new interview with BuzzFeed, where she broke down some of her favorite moments from the last eight years.

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    Including how Bill Hader's guest appearance on the show helped her through her first-time pregnancy jitters.

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    "I was pregnant and hadn't told anyone yet when he guest-starred," she shared. "I'd found out I was pregnant maybe the week before, and I was still in the mindset of freaking out about being pregnant and having a kid."

    Melissa smiling at a red carpet event and wearing a striped strapless dress
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    Turns out, unbeknownst to Bill, his positive attitude provided exactly what the young mom needed in that moment.

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    She shared, "We're doing the scene and Bill Hader, out of nowhere, turns to me and goes, 'Do you have kids?' I went, 'No,' and he goes, 'You should. It's the best. It's so much fun.'"

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    Luckily for Melissa and her husband, Bill provided the encouragement she was looking for.

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    "He just went on about how he loves his kids and it's such a fun adventure," she shared. "So I went home, and I literally said to my husband, 'We're gonna be OK because Bill Hader said so.' I felt calmer after that day. Bill Hader said it's cool; it's all going to be OK."

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    A lesson to live by. Cheers to Bill Hader for being Bill Hader!


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