Lil Nas X Responded After Fans Called Madonna's Reaction To His Performance "Vile"

    Oh, Madonna.

    Oh, Madonna. This was definitely not the move.

    On Sunday night, Lil Nas X gave a legendary performance at the 2021 BET Awards.

    During the show, the rapper received praise for kissing one of the dancers at the end of his performance.

    Yesterday, Madonna took to her Instagram story to share a picture of the moment with a picture of her kissing Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards with the caption "#DidItFirst."

    Fans were very quick to point out why there were some noticeable differences between what Lil Nas X and Madonna did.

    This person called Madonna's kiss "queer baiting" compared to Lil Nas X, who is a part of the LGBTQ community.

    Not Madonna thinking she invented queer baiting 🥴 Not her once again inserting her into Black culture when l i t e r a l l y nobody sent for her 🥴🥵

    The musician came out as gay in 2019.

    Another person broke it down even further, saying: "She's a white heterosexual woman who capitalized off a lesbian fantasy."

    That Madonna post really pissed me off. She’s a white heterosexual woman who capitalised off a lesbian fantasy. Did so while being established and sharing any/all backlash with two other megastars. Lil Nas X, did THAT all on his own, while still climbing the ladder.

    Twitter: @seyisayshi

    This person called Madonna's post "vile."

    not Madonna saying that she did what Lil Nas X did first — when she was actually queer baiting? that woman never ceases to be vile.

    It was also pointed out by another critic that the Instagram story was "so out of touch with reality."

    madonna reposting lil nas x’s performance and putting her performance where she kissed britney and christina next to it saying she “did it first” is so out of touch with reality and so ignorant its funny atp

    However, the king himself has spoken. Lil Nas X replied to a tweet about the incident and said he's actually friends with Madonna.

    @PopCrave me and madonna are friends. it’s just a joke.

    Twitter: @LilNasX

    "Me and Madonna are friends," he wrote. "It's just a joke."

    Madonna has yet to respond to the criticism, but if I know one thing about Madonna, it's that she won't be silent for long.