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    Lizzo Is Flirting With Chris Evans Again, But This Time, She Has A Movie Idea To Go With It

    Honestly, I'm kind of on board for this movie.

    It's been too long since Lizzo has flirted with Chris Evans on TikTok, and I'm glad she's back to her old ways.

    Lizzo laughing as she poses in a one-shoulder ruffled gown on the Grammys red carpet

    It was announced earlier this week that the hit romance movie The Bodyguard, originally starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, would be getting a remake.

    Lizzo in a short tiered dress and holding a tiny purse at a red carpet event

    The news prompted a fan to tweet about their dream casting, which would, of course, be Lizzo and Chris.

    Chris Evans in a light-colored suit and a striped tie at the premiere of Knives Out

    Much to Lizzo's excitement, she responded to the casting suggestion with a TikTok.

    In the video, Lizzo shared the tweet talking about the remake being in the works.


    What y’all think? 😏

    ♬ original sound - berlinXchiaki

    She lip-synched to audio of a man angrily shouting, "What are we talking about?" Then she quickly changed to mouthing the same words but in a sexy way while showing a side-by-side of her and Chris. Well played, Lizzo.

    Lizzo walking outside in denim shorts, boots, and a tank top that says Fake Boobs

    Over the last few months, Lizzo has treated herself to more than a few TikToks about Chris.

    Including spreading a rumor she'd be having his child, and saying in an interview that she wanted him to do body shots off of her.

    Glad to see their flirtationship is still going strong. Can't wait to see the movie. Hollywood, make it happen!