21 Lin-Manuel Miranda Tweets That Are Too Pure For This World

    The man, the myth, the motivational tweeter.

    Obviously this is Lin-Manuel Miranda's world and we're all just living in it.

    When he's not busy writing the lyrics for award winning musicals, he's usually tweeting something absolutely inspirational set you up for success.

    Don't believe us? Check out these 21 tweets that prove once and for all that Lin-Manuel Miranda is the Twitter fairy godfather we all deserve.

    1. He's always there with a little inspiration to prove that dreams really do come true.

    Good morning. You will have to say no to things to say yes to your work. It will be worth it. This is from 2009.

    2. The time he reminded everything to not forget to breathe in slowly damn it!

    Gmorning. Take your SWEET ASS TIME today. *But...but..." TAKE A BREATH AND SAVOR THE SUN ON YOUR FACE. *Sound nice, but tests/kids/health/real life* Oh my God it's just A MORNING TWEET, WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING ME ON THIS ONE BREATH, TAKE A BREATH AND LOOK UP FOR A SECOND

    3. If Lin-Manuel Miranda thinks you got this, then you've got it!

    Gmorning! *quietly confident in the manifold gifts you possess, both known and unknown to you* Right behind you. You got this.

    4. He's always there to remind you that if you can dream it, you can do it.

    Writing Hercules Mulligan, in 2009. You have to dream it before it can happen.

    5. Honestly, only LMM could find a way to make Cinderella even more inspiring.

    Good morning I know it seems like everyone left w/o you for the party & those stepsisters suck but us woodland creatures are on your side

    6. Sometimes it's the simple advice that hits the hardest.

    Good night. Take breaks from your phone. Today the sun shone. I promise you've grown. Again, here's LuPone.

    7. The time he said to enjoy the moment and don't forget to remember.

    That moment you realize everything is fleeting but RIGHT NOW you are surrounded by friends doing what you love so savor it by god savor it

    8. It's really hard to feel sad after reading a good morning tweet from the king of Twitter.

    Good morning! *looks left* You good? *looks right* You good? *looks right at you* You're good! Let's go!

    9. Honestly, is there anything better than being reminded that the children are our future? No, there is not.

    Good morning from my nephews, the 3 Latino ninjas who will save us all

    10. He's like the big brother of the internet. He's also the daddy...but for other reasons.

    Good morning. Relax your shoulders. Gah, you didn't even realise they were all tensed up did you? Me neither! Okay let's go.

    11. Word to the wise: Disconnect from anything that doesn't bring you joy. Respect.

    Good morning. Do NOT get stuck in the comments section of life today. Make, do, create the things. Let others tussle it out. Vamos!

    12. It's like he has an uncanny ability to reach right into our souls and restore them.

    The challenge for folks like us is not giving everything we have, but remembering to save something for ourselves. Good morning.

    13. This tweet is a reminder to stay in your own lane. Unless you have a chance to get into his, and then maybe take that chance.

    Those knots in your stomach won’t go away on their own. Some are Gordian, and require a lil work each day. Some will dissolve upon closer inspection. Like the day, they are yours to unravel, at your pace. Gmorning!

    14. Then, there was the time he reminded everyone that the process might be long, but the world needs to hear your rap battles.

    What I was doing on New Years Eve 2011. The work is hard but it is worth it. Don’t give up.

    15. Sometimes you just need to remember that there is always something to live for.

    Gmorning! Woke up achy & sad? Not alone. Woke up w/purpose & joy? Not alone. Any way you slice it, you're not alone. Let's go

    16. It's not great to be on your phone before bed, but we'll make an exception for a good night pep talk from a genius.

    Find words for all your daily joys & terrors Gnight; make work that gets us in our feelings Send off to bed your doubt, your shame, your errors Break curfew with your muses, shatter ceilings The year is fresh; wipe clean inertia’s mildew Grateful for all you do, & all you will do

    17. Stay humble.

    18. Sometimes all you really need is a hello from a stranger.

    Hello! It's a little late for good morning so hello! Haven't had a bit of free time since I woke up at 6 so hello! You're alive & awake & you can read this & what a blessing you are but I don't know you like that I am just another person on a phone somewhere else so... hello!

    19. Sometimes gardening metaphors really get down to the root of your problems.

    Gmorning. Your worst fears about yourself only needs a drop of attention and sunlight to grow quick and wreck your whole shit. Clear away those weeds. Take the time to harvest your strengths and your joys. Water and sunlight to the best in you.

    20. Honestly, he's always spot on.

    The challenge for folks like us is not giving everything we have, but remembering to save something for ourselves. Good morning.

    21. Just in case none of those LMM tweets gave you the inspo you needed, never forget that just being you is more than enough.

    Good morning. You are perfectly cast in your life. I can't imagine anyone but you in the role. Go play.