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    12 Moments When Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos Gave A Little TMI About Their Sex Life

    These two are still going strong...maybe a little too strong. 👀

    Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been together for nearly 25 years, but you would never know it from the way they flirt with each other on Instagram, TV, and every other platform.

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    The two celebs are never shy about talking about their sex life or treating fans to the occasional TMI content...

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    ...even if it is a little bit embarrassing to their three kids. If you don't believe me, just check out all of these TMI moments straight from the Consuelos household.

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    1. The time the two shared how their daughter walked in on them during an intimate moment.

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    When Mark cohosted Live With Kelly and Ryan in 2019, they talked about their daughter walking in on them doing the deed before a family brunch...for her birthday. Awkward! Lola said, "You just ruined my birthday! And my life! And I used to see in color and now everything is gray!" Well, that's much better than how I would have responded. 

    2. When they shared about making their children.

    3. No one can forget the time Kelly commented on Mark's Halloween costume and package.

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    After Kelly posted a photo dump of Halloween costume pics through the years, one photo of Mark dressed up as a character from CHiPs with a friend had fans noticing his bulge. Mark tried to deflect the attention by saying, "Full disclosure, I believe that's definitely a shadow that's causing that bulging effect." But Kelly came out with the truth. "Ummmmm baby are you seeing shadows?" she wrote. 

    4. There was the time Mark misread Kelly's shirt.

    5. Kelly revealed exactly what Mark is like after sex.

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    When Mark guest-hosted his wife's daytime show with her again, she revealed that he gets a little agitated after sex. "He's immediately mean to me afterwards, and I don't like that. I think it's bizarre. He becomes short with me, like, irritated," she joked. "I'm like, 'Oh, now you're irritated? You were so loving three minutes ago!'"

    6. There was the time they got straight to the point with this cheeky Instagram photo.

    7. When Mark commented he'd been under Kelly's skirt.

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    After Kelly posted a cute video of a friend popping out from underneath her large dress, Mark commented, "Been there." 

    8. The time Kelly gave a shoutout to Mark's hands.

    9. The two shared about how they keep things sexy after more than two decades together.

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    On the SiriusXM Radio Andy show Quarantined With Bruce, they explained to host Bruce Bozzi how they keep it sexy. “We were really young — not that that’s the right time in somebody’s life, but we were really, like, pliable, right? Like, we were pliable to each other,” she said. “We really, like, learned — we learned each other well, and so with that comes a certain level of comfort and confidence and experimentation and just, we have fun.” 

    10. They shared about the longest they've gone without sex.

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    Only a few short months. They also shared on Quarantined With Bruce that it was during filming for one of Mark's projects, when he was in Australia for seven months. Luckily, Kelly took a special trip to visit Mark for a little alone time. 

    11. When Kelly explained how frequently she and Mark have sex.

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    She told her buddy Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live her philosophy on sex in a relationship. "I fundamentally believe that the more you do it, the more you do it; the less you do it, the less you do it," she shared. Makes sense to me! 

    12. The time they revealed that the key to all their problems is sex.

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    When Mark again appeared as a guest host on Live With Kelly and Ryan in September 2021, she revealed that sex is their tension reliever. Kelly admitted that Mark solves every issue with "love and sexy time." She explained, "'Oh, you're upset? I know how to take care of that.' 'Oh, you don't feel good about something? I'll take care of that.' 'Oh, you're feeling like maybe you're overworked? I got you. I know what you need,'" she said. If it works, it works! 

    They might cross the TMI line occasionally, but I'm still glad to see these two keeping it spicy after all these years!