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    Ireland Baldwin Responded After People Thought Her New Tattoo Was Of Kendall Jenner, And The Real Reason Behind The Ink Is So Much Cooler

    I mean, it does bear a striking resemblance.

    Ireland Baldwin has some new ink!

    Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

    The model posted the artwork on her Instagram, and it wasn't long before fans noticed a remarkable resemblance to Kendall Jenner.

    John Parra / Getty Images for DKNY

    "Thank you @parkermidnight for bringing her to life," Ireland captioned the photo of the nude pinup girl on her arm.

    After receiving comments like "Why Kendall Jenner though?" and "Kendall Jenner??" Ireland responded on her Instagram story.

    "My tattoo isn't Kendall Jenner," she wrote. "She's beautiful tho so I'll take it...but it's actually an illustration that was done in the 60's."

    Ireland walking outside as people ask her for an autograph
    Tm / GC Images / Getty Images

    Well, since Ireland is a big fan of tattoos, who knows, maybe she just found inspiration for her next one!

    Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for Smile Train

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