Chad Michael Murray Celebrated His 40th Birthday And Ruined Our Childhood All In One Instagram Post

    He may be 40, but we'll always have the early '00s.

    There are very few celebs whose name can immediately conjure up feelings of nostalgia for an entire generation, but Chad Michael Murray is one of them.

    The actor, most famous for his roles as Austin Ames in A Cinderella Story and Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill, officially celebrated his 40th birthday.

    Of course, he couldn't ring in the special occasion without a tribute to his two most iconic characters.

    Chad posing with several people during a red carpet premiere

    He posted a picture in his trailer. "Matching wardrobe to a little throwback," he wrote alongside another caption: "'That's me inside your head' –NOFX."

    The line comes from the iconic scene in the pilot of the hit series.

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    Niya Blagoeva / Warner Bros. /

    "Roughly 18–19 years ago, hilarieburton & I shot that scene I’m referencing in the photo," he wrote. "Crazy town- mind blown. The ppl met and stories heard from so many of you have brought me sooo much joy over the years. I adore you all. Thank you for always wishing love. Here’s to another 40."

    Chad also thanked his wife and fellow actress, Sarah Roemer, for her love and support through the years.

    "This is 40. As I browse through the memory catalogue in my mind, all I can say is I couldn’t be more grateful to wake next to my family," he said. "Sarah and our kiddos fill my life with more joy than I could ever imagine... [Sarah] I love you soooo much!"

    Sarah posted a sweet tribute to her husband on her page as well.

    "Happy 40th Superhero!!! You make 40 look boom bang pow!" she captioned a photo of Chad flexing. "We super love you!! Thank you for always being goofy and bringing giggles and joy to our lives every day. We celebrate you!!!"

    If this is 40, I'm not mad at it! Happy birthday, CMM!