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    Cardi B Went Off On “White Twinks” On Twitter And People Are Here For It

    She said what she said.

    Cardi B has had enough with the online hate from a certain community when she releases new music.

    Cardi performing onstage

    After teasing her new song with Normani on Twitter, Cardi tweeted, "White twinks on this app are weird. You don't dictate people's actions."

    Cardi vibing in a club

    She continued, "I said what I said and I’m not taking it back!!! Ya love to hide behind Black female artist pictures on your avi and be the ones saying the most disrespectful shit about women & dictating their moves and start wars between female artist fans ALWAYS!"

    Cadri smiling coyly as she walks by a car

    Cardi stood behind her statements and retweeted numerous accounts that supported her words.

    One fan she retweeted agreed that "Cardi is so right."

    Cardi is so right. There’s so many stans in the community that say very racist things about black female artist and think it’s okay because they “stan” a black woman. It’s sick

    Twitter: @ratedrword

    "Y'all are just racist bullies hiding behind avis and bullies don't like when people stand up for themselves," one fan said.

    Cardi’s haters want to call her sensitive. Nope y’all are just racist bullies hiding behind avis and bullies don’t like when people stand up for themselves. We know

    Twitter: @DearBelcalis

    One fan commented on Cardi's constant need to try and bring people up to her level.

    Like almost every announcement Cardi has to drag a couple of stragglers that tries so had to ruin her day because they know she is about to gag the entire internet.

    Twitter: @Insta_Malik

    While things did get heated, she made sure to focus on peacekeeping in a tweet that said, "Now let’s be nice shall we? Let’s experience greatness and gagging sessions in peace."

    Artwork featuring Cardi

    You heard the woman! Carry on.