Ant Anstead And Renée Zellweger Are Officially A Couple, And He Says It's All Thanks To The "Discovery+ Dating Service"

    Honestly, it might be better than Tinder.

    They say that love always finds you when you least expect it, and that was definitely the case for Ant Anstead and Renée Zellweger.

    And dressed casually on the red carpet, hand in pocket

    The two met when Renée appeared as a celebrity guest on Ant's Discovery+ show Celebrity IOU: Joyride, which he cohosts with Cristy Lee.

    Renée in a strapless outfit with a rosette detail at the hip and her hair in a short bob

    After photos of the new couple kissing surfaced online earlier this month, the pair's relationship was made public.

    Renee standing in front of a stage curtain, holding an envelope with a award announcement

    "I can't dodge it," Ant told USA Today. "There’s photos. So everybody knows."

    While it may be out in the open, don't expect them to do a full cover spread in Vanity Fair anytime soon.

    "There's a ton of amazing things about Renée, and her private persona is actually really inspiring," he shared. "For somebody so high profile, she is incredibly private. And I respect that, and ultimately, from my perspective, the irony of the show being called IOU — it's like, ‘Thanks, Discovery.’ It's actually I that owe you. And I can recommend Discovery+ dating service to anybody."

    Renée on the red carpet, standing with hand on hip and smiling

    Ant was previously married to Christina Haack, and the two finalized their divorce in June.

    Christina and And smiling together on the red carpet

    It just goes to show, love could always be right around the corner.