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72 Things I learned from living in my Sorority House

Come on in, join the fun.

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1.Living in a house of 73 girls is not as bad as it sounds.

2.Some of the best stories start with, “This one time in the house . . .”

3.Laughter 24/7, even when you’re trying to sleep.

4.You always have a lending ear.

5.You always have someone to celebrate with you.

6.Late night craving? There’s always someone else up & hungry.

7.You always have a way home from class or even downtown.

8.No sister left behind.

9.If you say Target or Starbucks, you have at least 5 girls joining in on the trip.

10.Spontaneous road trips are the best.

11.Especially random trips home with sisters.

12.Pranks are fun, but not when the jokes on you. Well, it’s still pretty fun.

13.Don’t have something to wear? You always have a shopping partner.

14.Don’t have money for clothes? You have the free range of 72 other closets, with permission of course.

15.Want a night out on the town? There are about 20 others there to join you.

16.You always have a study buddy.

17.You also always have the best distractions when you try to study.

18.You hear the best gossip, all good of course.

19.Birthdays are a BIG deal. Always a good time to break out the streamers.

20.If you need a last-minute date there is always someone with a guy ready to go for you.

21.You’re welcome to crash in another room when your roommates aren’t home.

22.You’re labeled by which room you live in.

23.You embrace your room’s name.

24.What happens in the room, stays in the room. Well, most of the time.

25.You can find peace & quiet even in the midst of chaos.

26.Speaking of chaos, getting ready for socials are a sight to see.

27.You always have 5 immediate girls to approve your outfit.

28.You’re never alone, even when you think you are.

29.Crafting is a all-night experience. And sometimes all week.

30.If you hate painting coolers odds are there is someone a room away who loves it.

31.Febreeze will become your best friend.

32.There is always that one person who has chocolate on hand.

33.Your sisters will tell you how it is, whether you want them to or not.

34.You learn a lot about yourself.

35.You learn things about your Best Friend you never knew.

36.You become best friends with girls you barely spoke to just months earlier.

37.Slumber parties are a must.

38.Bunk beds do suck.

39.Black-out curtains are your saving grace for when you want to sleep in until noon.

40.Pillow fights are a thing, just not in the weird Animal House way.

41.You will stay up laughing until you cry with you roommates until 2 am and you’ll love every second of it.

42.You will go crazy if you’re in the house long enough.

43.Fitting 10 people in a room is a night full of memories.

44.Your futon is always open for any late-night stragglers.

45.Movie nights and Netflix binges will keep you sane.

46.When you need a good cry, you always have a shoulder.

47.Even when you don’t want the shoulder, you’ll be grateful for it anyway.

48.When one roommate wakes up mad, it sets the tone for the whole day.

49.The other roommates do what they can to make her feel better.

50.Spontaneous acts of kindness are the best.

51.You gain the largest support system.

52.You find that you have multiple other halves.

53.Scandal and Grey’s are Thursday night staples in the TV room.

54.There is always someone else who watches that show you’re too embarrassed to admit you watch.

55.Scones are a big deal. So are Fried Fridays.

56.It’s an event when Grasshopper Pie is being served for dessert.

57.Pictures in front of the house are a must before any event be Formal, date nights and even before you head out for the night.

58.A picture of the house is a must whether it’s snowing or sunny outside.

59.Bragging about your house is always okay, especially because ours’ rules.

60.Being greeted every morning by the staff and housemom makes your day whether you realize it or not.

61.You always have someone to sing with you while y’all are in the showers.

62.If someone is blaring High School Musical or Hannah Montana in their room you have to join in.

63.Some people don’t know what quiet hours are, but that’s okay.

64.You sometimes don’t know what quiet hours are.

65.Study hours are a real thing. So do them.

66.Nine months fly by really quick.

67.Pictures and canvases accumulate over time.

68.You own a lot of shoes and t-shirts.

69.You’re always going to have the best stories to tell your kids.

70.Your sisters are your life reserves.

71.You might not be related by blood, but you might as well be.

72.Living in the house was the best decision I could have made. PERIOD.

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