A Compilation Of Justin Bieber’s Awful Tattoos

Why are you reading this? You know you don’t like Justin Bieber. So why do you care what tattoos he has? I’ll tell you why. Because they are so damn awful you can almost FEEL the regret he’ll have 6 years from now.

1. The Seagull

Nothing screams awesome like a dainty hip tattoo. I think they were giving these for free at Hollister that day.

2. “Yeshua” (Hebrew for Jesus)

You officially become a pop star once you get a religious tattoo.

3. Jesus

Does it concern anyone else that his ass is directly in Jesus’ eye line?

4. Hands in Prayer

He’s basically on a Jesus bender at this point.

5. Believe

That. Font. Windows ‘98?

6. “Kanji” Music Symbol

Sure, fine… a music symbol. That, or a toaster.

7. Crown

This just looks like a stick on. Also? Stop making that face.

8. Roses

Added to the hands in prayer. I GUESS this is an improvement. YOU GET ONE FREE PASS, JUSTIN. Don’t be greedy.

9. Owl

Because Legend of the Guardians is his favorite movie.

10. Hockey Mascot

Oh right, he’s Canadian. That kinda makes me happy America isn’t responsible for him.

11. “1” “9” “7” “5”

So 1975 wouldn’t be written this way in Roman Numerals… Maybe it’s a PSAT sample question. One of these is not like the other…

12. Chi - Greek Abbreviation for Jesus

He totes loves Jesus, and how DARE you for judging.

13. Koi Fish

Beginning to think he’s just filling in the blanks at this point…

14. Angel with Cleavage

A Selena Gomez angel with cleavage ‘bout to get slapped in the head by a Koi fish.

So is he just letting any rando tattoo him at this point?

15. Tiger Head

This is officially the lamest sleeve I have ever seen. By the end of summer I fully expect to see a tree frog on his elbow region to round out the animal kingdom.

Now I need to go take a shame bath and wash the time I spent compiling this off of me.


I regret NOTHING!

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