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Left-Brained Or Right-Brained? Which Side Are You On?

Zomato Presents Fest-O-Comm 2017 brings to you this unique theme titled 'Where Parallels Collide'. Could you imagine the left side of your brain and the right side, as two different individuals? Read on to find out!

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I Can't .. I'm Thinking About Pizza! - @Snoopy

Left-brained or Right-brained? Which side are you on?

Could you imagine the left side and the right side of the brain as two different people?

Well, they certainly are. They go together like chalk and cheese and that’s why when you see that gorgeous girl walking by, the righty will think that she’s the one while lefty will bring you back to reality. Waking up early in the morning would not be righty’s forte as he likes to be spontaneous and does not prefer to keep a track of time while lefty would like to manage and plan everything in advance. These two individuals are so different in their approaches that it’s hard to believe they exist together to make a human function. Lefty would be that nerd who sits in the corner with his books and calculator while righty would be busy playing football outside. It is almost equivalent to watching A Cinderella Story where the nerdy, straight A student falls in love with the quarterback. Initially, it feels like it will never work out, she is the rational girl who knows that they cannot be together but gradually they end up realizing that opposites attract and that they do have a future.

When it comes to music and you hear “what is this noise? This isn’t music”, be sure that it’ll be lefty criticizing the beauty of rock music. You see, lefty prefers more mellow music like classical music and does not appreciate genres of music such as rock. Righty on the other hand likes to turn up the volume and jam to the crazy beats even while studying or reading. Right needs some noise to get into his element and function properly.Don’t mistake lefty to be mundane just because he does not enjoy rock music, he will probably be the one who can speak that language that you always wanted to learn but could not. Lefty likes to think in words and thus languages come easily to him. Rebecca Bloomwood should have considered taking lessons from lefty in Finnish rather than pretending to know it in Confessions of A Shopaholic.

While lefty would be occupied learning a foreign language, righty would probably be busy daydreaming. Putting away all those assignments only to dream about what could be. After all, dreaming with your eyes open is also an art.

Once the day ends and they head back, lefty would be the one to go back to a clean room and make it even cleaner while righty would plonk himself in the middle of a huge pile of clothes. As the urban legend goes, people with messy rooms have a high affinity for creative reasoning and so righty will bask in the glory of this legend and continue keeping his room messy. Lefty on the other hand would also take pride but in his clean habits and his even cleaner room.

Possessing such opposing traits, lefty and righty still manage to work together. They work in sync and create someone who is a mix of both. Coming together for them is what keeps them going and Zomato Presents Fest-O-Comm at Symbiosis Institute Of Media & Communication, Pune is the right place for them to come together and showcase their capabilities. They have a platform where they can do what they each do best and even things they can do together. They have the chance to enjoy everything ranging from loud music to soft music and other participative events. So, come lefty and righty show us what you’re made up of!

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