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10 Requirements On The CW

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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1. Beauty


Seriously, you'd be lying if you said that any cast on this network couldn't walk into a modeling agency and get hired on the spot. In a highly unrealistic portrayal of teen life, everyone looks breathtaking from just about every camera angle. Not to mention the fact that Archie, Damon, and Nate could slice about 5 loaves of ciabatta with their abdominals.

2. Love Triangle

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Since everyone is so insanely beautiful, it would be unrealistic to have anyone be attracted to just one character. I can picture Julie Plec slaving away at her computer night after night, making sure that Elena has to make an incredibly tough decision. Actually, Elena can probably handle it just fine - but we need to make sure that those "tweens" are tweeting about something.

3. Parent Romance

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I guess there has to be something for everyone, and on this network it means bringing in a little love affair from decades ago that will somehow rekindle in the midst of everything else. The parents of the main characters probably have not seen each other in years, are drastically different, or are both in committed relationships with other people. Once you have those qualifications down, you can be sure that their romance is going to somehow cause havoc for their children - shame!

4. The Rich Girl

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There's always someone with a lot of money to show a stark contrast to the other characters who clearly aren't as fortunate. You can expect her to be wearing extremely nice clothing. Contrary to what the characters think of her at first glance, she's actually not a bitch after all!

5. Obscure/Hit Music

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There is absolutely no in between - either the depressing acoustic song playing while Damon walks away from Elena is completely unknown, or it's a hit. Either way, if your song ends up on an episode of any show on this network, expect some YouTube hits coming your way. Unless they're attending a homecoming dance in an episode - then the viewer has probably heard the featured music a thousand times on the radio.

Archie's music career does not apply here.

6. Tears

The CW / Via

If good acting means crying, then everyone on this network is getting a Golden Globe - especially Jensen Ackles. Dean Winchester is known for a single tear of perfection, usually when Sammy is in trouble (which happens roughly three times each season).

8. Ignorance Of Age Range

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Sometimes, if you snap yourself out of how attractive everyone looks walking down those school halls - you'll realize something is a little off. The uniforms are cute and everything, but in reality those actors are past their high school diplomas.

9. Title Cards

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Sure, every show has a theme song, intro, or some type of title card. But, not every network puts as much effort into their title cards as this one. I mean, Supernatural changes each season - and that's A LOT of seasons. Kudos!

10. Fandom

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Fortunately, our favorite teen dramas, superhero spinoffs, and fantasy-driven shows find a perfect home on The CW. After all, we are all united by the many wonderful fandoms - so let's give thanks to the formula that they use so well.

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