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This a plea to Ryan Seacrest to stop supporting, producing and funding the Kardashian PLAGUE!

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Dear Mr. Seacrest,

I would like to commend you on your numerous successes in the entertainment industry! It is obvious your hard work and dedication have proved to be the foundation of your success, which is well deserved. Therefore, congratulations!

However...and there always is .... why continue to promote and produce the Kardashian brand, a group of the most vapid, vulgar , narcissistic posers on TV? You might be laughing all the way to the bank(which for your sake I hope you are!) the rest of us, who must endure the endless purchased airtime, internet adverts and print ads, we are sick of the plague of this family ad nauseum. The only relief any of us derive from this in-your-face-24/7 Kardashian plague is reading the comment sections on the paid content articles on the internet! This useless and lazy family receives more media coverage than the victims and the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting tragedy, its disturbing. If reality is the new fiction, could you at least find a group of people who actually DO SOMETHING WITH THEIR LIVES BESIDES SHOP AND APPLY MAKE UP AND MAKE PAID CLUB APPEARANCES ?

Let's be realistic why the loathing began ; Kourtney has 2 kids with their father Scott and are a bickering couple of complainers, Khloe has her husband Lamar even though she has accused her own brother of wanting to have sex with her, Kim has her husband Kris while pregnant with Kayne's baby, Rob is a boring and a lazy amoeba,Kris Jenner is just surly and nasty to her Olympic gold medalist husband and treats him like dirt. All three of the Kardashian sisters are married (well sort of ) and BORING!! Who pays money to go to a Las Vegas club for New Years Eve to see a PREGNANT WOMAN IN A SEE-THROUGH DRESS WITH HER GRUMPY OLD MAN IN TOW? IS THAT THE NEW SEXY? I am surprised Kim and Kanye were not pelted with eggs! What a dismal way to ring in the new year with preggers Kim on mic saying, "Everyone have a drink for me because I can't, I am pregnant! Happy New Year!". YAWN!!!! Why would a pregnant woman enter into a cigarette smoke filled club in Las Vegas on New Years Eve if she really cared about the health and welfare of her unborn child?

If its not the daughter making everyone want to chug Pepto-bismol, the mother, Kris, seems to have no idea what the rest of the United States is enduring economically nor does she care because as she told Oprah, " I am right where I am supposed to be" with a Cheshire Cat grin on her face. Oprah appeared to be choking back a hardy laugh of total disbelief and just said "Really?". As Kris stomps around in a chinchilla fur coat the size of a queen size blanket and which costs as much as a house, she also drives or should I say is driven in a Rolls Royce which costs as much as a house and her daughter Kimye drives a Ferrari which you can purchase two houses for the price of that car and an entire neighborhood if you include the Lamborghini she gave to her boyfriend Kayne, plus, Kimye just purchased an $11,000,000 million fixer upper in Bel Air with her boyfriend... Do we really need to know this and do we really care ? Yet unbeknownst to any of the Kardashians, its insulting to the millions of Americans who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table to flaunt wealth while record numbers of families stand in line at the local FOOD BANK, but, more importantly it is not entertaining . NO ONE IS ABLE TO IDENTIFY WITH THESE PEOPLE AND PUBLIC PERCEPTION OF THEIR BRAND IS, TOTAL REPULSION!!

Mr. Seacrest, you are insulting about 47% if not more of the US population, by continuing to produce the Kardashian plague of narcissism. The same as Mitt Romney did when he discounted and insulted the 47% of the people, whom he knew would not vote for him because they are poor, disabled, elderly and veterans lapping up the entitlements of the US Federal government, as is logic according to Mitt. We all know what happened to Mitt, LOSER BY A LANDSLIDE! It is dubious to say the least that this Kardashian plague has actually gained that much of the TV market share of viewers. It is a show now for the pleasure of late night comedian fodder, a magic carpet in which a comedian may wipe his or her feet upon as they enter into the doorway of comedic success. There is more money to be made in ridiculing this family than there is to be an advertiser who purchases airtime during the Kardashian broadcasts or for a business partner to join in a licensing agreement with any of them. Most of the public's repugnance for the Kardashian Klan/plague is generated by Kim herself just going about her everyday life of shopping, hair styling, make up applications, semi nude photos of herself from various clothing boutique dressing rooms posted to twitter account and inane comments pertaining to her own self described greatness , such as, " I think I deserve a star on the Hollywood walk of fame". Such sentiments exist only inside Kim's head or what is the cavity of her body which houses her 3 cell, one live operating neuron, of a brain. Totally vacuous!

When the media starts to become disinterested by this plague of talentless losers the momanger Kris hauls them off to Dubai or Bahrain for a paid appearance in front of a luxury milk shake stand in the desert. Arabic culturally ignorant Kim, went in broad day light in a Muslim country wearing a mini dress , cleavage bouncing and bare arms causing a riot of HATRED in a part of the world where America already has many diplomatic problems and negative perceptions. Only a willfully ignorant person with her own greedy interests at heart would refuse to inform herself as to the local customs of the host country! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING??? Furthermore, how is it possible for a person to build a career on her 'tweets' pun intended... and her 17 million Twitter followers when she has no apparent creative talents or attributes other than her tweets? ... pun intended right here!

You are responsible Mr. Seacrest, you put them into the petri dish of reality TV and watched this outbreak plague grow and now we are all in need of the serum to make these folks go away PLEASE! Sorry Mr. Seacrest you actually seem like a nice guy with an incredible future ahead of you but I think we all saw your disbelief when you made the pro-Kardashian comment on the Jimmy Kimmel support from the audience ! Surprised? Even Kimmel appeared to be bored by your support for the plague-Kardashian when he didn't throw you a life-line joke to recover from the the sound of the crickets rubbing their legs together in the audience at the mere mention of the name Kardashian. I am writing only what millions upon millions are thinking, posting on facebook, yahoo and on every other social media outlet along with the majority of citizens in Bahrain what they believe to be true as well. There are more ANTI KARDASHIAN PLAGUE FOLLOWERS than PRO KARDASHIAN FOLLOWERS.

Give us all a break and let this family fade and melt away like Vanilla Ice PLEASE!!! Move on for your own sake Mr. Seacrest, save yourself, save your money and your reputation in the entertainment industry. GET YOURSELF VACCINATED FROM THE PLAGUE OF THE KARDASHIANS before FEMA quarantines you and them both!


Vanessa Forbes

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