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Secrets Of Vintage Photo

What does the word "vintage" mean today? In translation from French, this is "top quality wine", with great endurance. What is vintage photography? It's all the best from the past. And this photo is always exclusive and unique.

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Secrets of Vintage Photo

Photo by Samuel Foster on Unsplash / Via

Vintage is one of the most popular styles today. And this applies not only to artistic photography. Vintage is everything: fashion includes vintage cars, designers create vintage interiors, fashion designers come up with new images in vintage style. You can go far and not: take a look at the popular postcards and even gift wrappers - Vintage rules everywhere! Why? It's simple: as you know, everything new is a well-forgotten old. Therefore, a return to the past is inevitable.

That is why the popularity and relevance of the stylized images of the past decades and even the era of photography is gaining momentum today. Photo sessions in the home environment, nature, against the background of the old car, or even just portrait photos in the vintage style - this is not all that this direction offers.

What vintage photo editor will the photographer use when editing the photo?

* The effect of "inner glow" - it will give the paper a brownish-yellow hue under the antiquity;

* Increase in graininess will add photos not one decade;

* Noises," or a few scratches and scrapes of the image, will make the photo even older;

* Ragged edges of the photo, easily created in Photoshop - and the picture looks already "well-lived"!

Of course, creating a high-quality vintage photo is a real skill. The very concept of vintage implies its originality and exclusivity, and therefore a photographer working in this genre must possess not only a talent, but also an impeccable sense of style. Therefore, the search for such a person is the first requirement to create a high-quality photo in the vintage style

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