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    I Tried Cocktails Made With Broth And Here Are My Honest Thoughts

    Good soup 👌

    Campbell's came out with a line of cocktail recipes, and I’m guessing your reaction reading that was just the same as mine: Disbelief. I immediately thought of that old episode of Friends which sees Monica making desserts with “mockolate”. But these drinks are real. And they’re… not entirely terrible? I’ve tried all the BrothTails recipes and this is why I think you’ll love them. 

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    They have a retro vibe.

    They're not sugary sweet.

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    Surely I can’t be the only one who is so over fruity, sugary cocktails. I love the balanced mix of sweet, salty, and savouriness in the BrothTails.  

    They're fun and frugal.

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    Waste not, want not, right? This is a great way to use up leftover broth from holiday cooking projects. To think that I’ve been freezing my extra broth like some kind of common peasant when I could have been creating a pho basil ginger simple syrup (like the kind used in the Pho Mango Bourbon Sour).  

    They're so on trend.

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    Advanced Mixology reports that tequila and mezcal are on the rise and that spirits are out-trending beer big time. If the Pork Ramen Mezcal Margarita is going to have a moment, it’s going to be now. 

    They're super cozy.

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    I can see it now. I have one of my girlfriends stirring risotto by the stove while another starts working on a marinade, all while I’m stealing their ingredients to make a Mushroom Truffle Daiquiri. Try to put a damper on that, winter.  

    You'll never look at Zoom the same way.

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    I asked the team at Campbell's what exactly possessed them to add broth to cocktails. I was told it started just like most ideas did in 2021… by people talking on Zoom and saying “what if…”. I’m gonna start paying a lot more attention to my random webinar daydreams after this.  

    They're filled with mixology magic.

    So how do they taste? Let me tell you!

    They're good if you like intense flavours.

    There are some simple options.

    You don't really taste the broth.

    The complex concoctions are well worth the effort.

    If anyone can handle kooky cocktails, it’s Canadians.

    Would you try a BrothTail? Let us know down below!