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I Finished The 'Important Videos' Playlist So You Didnt Have To


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Hi there. if you haven't been living (or renting) under a rock; you are probably aware of a YouTube playlist dubbed "Important Videos".


The playlist in its entirety has over 309 videos and goes for just under 2 hours. It was originally created in December 2015 by youtuber eljolto, and since its creation, has gained over 800 million views globally.

Since its creation, several different versions of ‘important videos’ have been created; some claiming to be the original, and others just trying to ride the fame of the original.

Anyways, I decided to settle down and binge the entire playlist, having nothing better to do.


yes ik that this isn't the og one but eljolto removed the playlist before bringing it back shortly afterwards with less videos (171 to be precise)......


it wasn't that bad! I mean, of course it wouldn't have been so popular if it weren’t good but it pleasantly surprised my expectations. There were parts where the videos were a bit splotchy and boring; but overall, the playlist was quite enjoyable. Below are some of my personal faves:

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