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Trump’s Special Feature In French Canadian End-Of-Year Parody Show

Clip featuring French-Canadian actors parodying Trump on national television. Simply put, it was superb.

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With President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s taking up office in a few days, I decided it would be a good time to release a short clip featuring him parodied in all his orange glory.

In Québec, on every New Year’s Eve, a show called the Bye-Bye is released. It’s basically a comedic recap of the year, featuring prominent Québec actors and parodying the events (and oftentimes people) that stood out during that year. Former Bye-Byes have included parodies of various television ads, Québec celebrities and different television shows. However, every year you will inevitably find multiple parodies of politicians – and every year, they seem to be the ones to get the most laughs.

This year, the Bye-Bye’s opening number featured everyone’s new favourite state leader: Donald Trump. Québecois from all over the province tuned in to watch Trump interact with discouraged advisors, a very sparkly First Lady and a certain furtive Russian president.

Needless to say, it was absolutely hilarious.

The show, of course, boasts of many more hysterical skits pertaining to different issues. However, most are only funny if you live in Québec … and if you speak French.

This is why I decided to add subtitles to the skit featuring Trump: beautifully executed, I believe everyone could find it funny, no matter where they live.

To Americans: This is what the world sees when they see the man you elected. We don’t live in your country. We don’t even speak your language. But somehow, there was something about this man that warranted him a spot in another country’s province’s year-end parody show. Bravo, les amis.

To the rest of the world: Let’s laugh for now. We still have a couple days before we need to start being scared. Then we can be scared, and cry. A lot.

Until then, I hope you find this entertaining and that I didn’t spend three hours adding subtitles for nothing.


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