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    Whistles Is Having An Up-To-73%-Off Summer Sale So If You Want To Look Bougie On A Budget, Here's Your Chance

    They've got 20% off full-price styles right now, too!

    1. First thing's first, can we PLEASE talk about this stunning sunflower print wrap skirt that's 70% off?!

    2. This summery linen top is 67% off, has a flattering square neckline, and can also be worn off the shoulder.

    3. These timeless pleated trousers will never go out of style – and they're now 70% off!

    4. This flame-coloured dress will make a real statement whenever you wear it, and it's a whopping 73% off!

    5. This linen wrap top is 61% off and will make your outfit look ~refined~ no matter what bottoms you pair it with!

    6. This textured dressing gown is ~luxe~ at-home dressing at its finest – oh, and it's 71% off!

    7. This fine knit top is made from a high-quality blend of silk and wool, and it's 70% cheaper than what you'd normally expect to pay for it!

    8. Get the feeling that this wine-coloured jumpsuit looks about three times its price? That's because it originally was!

    9. This smart linen blazer is the perfect tailored piece for summer, and it's 71% off!

    10. I can't help saying "oui" to this super soft Parisian-style T-shirt that's 41% off!

    11. This midi skirt is the perfect summery yellow shade and is made even better by the fact it's 65% off.

    12. This black bardot top is minimal, chic, and 65% off!

    13. A super comfy jumper made from sustainable cashmere (and with a 54% discount too)?! Yes please!

    14. And it would look fabulous tucked into these sleek grey trousers that are 70% off.

    15. This truly stunning blue slip dress is sure to make an impact for any future special occasions you'll be going to – get it now while it's 53% off!

    And that's not all – Whistles are currently offering 20% off the full-price items in their 'new in' section! Here are our top picks:

    16. This romantic floral dress will make you feel like you're walking the streets of Rome rather than down to the local park.

    17. These espadrille sandals give you a bit of height without sacrificing comfort, and they'll go with absolutely EVERYTHING.

    18. And this gold-tone beaded necklace is pretty, subtle, and perfect for layering with other chains!