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    We Just Have To Share These 43 New And Trending Drops With You

    These are the most exciting things we've tried or heard about lately!

    1. I don't know who needs to hear this, but SEPHORA HAVE FINALLY LAUNCHED IN THE UK!!!

    2. Gozney have just released a new Signature Edition Roccbox pizza oven, and not only is it gorgeous, but it has a pretty special meaning behind it too!

    3. The bestselling No7 advent calendar is now out, and with one selling every three seconds on launch day last year, I'd be quick to snap it up!

    4. Tada & Toy have just released their new Be-jewelled collection and I, for one, am obsessed.

    5. CENTRED's award-winning En-Root scalp oil is designed to take care of the most neglected part of your skincare routine.

    6. If the unexpectedly good weather recently has had you eyeing up some new sunnies, Taylor Morris’ new collection of eyewear is utterly dreamy.

    7. Pact's Christmas blend ground coffee is the best I've ever tried, full stop.

    8. Absolut Vodka are leading an incredible campaign to raise the voices of inspiring changemakers, pioneers and creatives across the UK.

    9. Function of Beauty's custom hair care range has just launched in the UK, and I am *obsessed* with the concept!

    10. I got my hair cut at GA salons and it was probably the best salon experience I've ever had.

    11. Join Lady Petrol's wine club for a taste of Idris Elba's new champagne, Porte Noire, in the Stratford hotel on the 10th November (yes, please).

    12. Pret's new Christmas menu is no joke, people.

    13. Signature Brew's collab with Dogfish Head has resulted in the most stunning pear tea pilsner imaginable (in fact, it's hard to think of another duo who could imagine it).

    14. Looking to buy a gift for the person who has everything? Loop's ridiculously soft cashmere gloves will fill a wintery void they didn't know they had (and it doesn't hurt that they're as practical as they are pretty).

    15. Champion have released all-new clothes for autumn (I've got my eye on that cowprint hoodie).

    16. Desenio have just released a new collection of prints starring Sofia Richie, and the effects are just as stunning as you’d imagine!

    17. Once you try Crosstown's doughnuts, you'll never be able to eat them from any other brand.

    18. Your morning cuppa just isn't complete without this EKG Stagg Pro kettle.

    19. Leaders of regenerative beauty, Ethique have just released a new limited-edition solid shampoo bar!

    20. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with Bakesterbox's very handy pre-measured baking kit, which is a dream for seasoned kitchen pros and baking newbies alike.

    21. Remington’s genius PROluxe You range features innovative Style Adapt™ technology which literally learns about your hair to make sure the tools give you the most effective (and least damaging) results over time.

    22. Fizzy drink fans rejoice – Sodastream have just launched their long-awaited new flavour: Pepsi max cherry!

    23. If you're obsessed with Halloween you'll love GoBoat's new spooky canal experience!

    24. The Joy for All Walker Squawker is hands-down the most wholesome gift imaginable.

    25. TOPSHOP have just launched a 'new chapter' for AW22 which focuses on their most-loved styles for a timeless feel.

    26. Mayfair's first Armenian restaurant Lusin is set to open October 31st, so you might want to place your bookings now.

    27. Sipsmith's new Very Berry gin is the perfect wintery treat!

    28. And if you're trying to cut down on your alcohol intake, their new FreeGlider is a beautiful non-alcoholic alternative to your favourite tipple!

    29. Mermade's new blow dry brush with interchangeable heads is probably the only hair tool you'll ever need to use.

    30. Subscription bike company Swapfiets are holding a pretty cool event on 9th November to help encourage people to get on their bikes during the colder months!

    31. I won't have to buy any Christmas food bar the dinner come December thanks to's everything-but-the-kitchen-sink family hamper.

    32. Speaking of Christmas food treats, this oh-so-luxe option from Cartwright & Butler is a surefire people pleaser.

    33. And if your tastes run more savoury, can I suggest this beginner-friendly cheese-making kit? Yeah, I thought I could.

    34. PSA: Wagamama has new menu items (hello, salmon gyoza and gyoza ramen).

    35. Peach and apricot-flavoured Fuzz Box pale ale? Don't mind if I do, thanks.

    36. Speaking of exciting drinks, I'm obsessed with Coca-Cola's new limited-edition 'fantasy' flavour – Dreamworld.

    37. Come to Polaroid's all-new speakers for their looks, stay for their incredible sound quality.

    38. Three words: William Morris crackers.

    39. Luxury resale store Sign of the Times have just received this incredible pre-owned Louis Vuitton golf bag which you'll literally save thousands on!

    40. I'm not drooling over Bad Brownies' ooey gooey sticky toffee brownie, you are.

    41. I've been an Elephant Gin convert since I tried their sloe gin last year, so you'd better believe I got my hands on their oak-aged negroni as soon as I could.

    42. ASDA are launching an all-new bread range which we were lucky enough to try at their Baker's Dozen popup.

    43. Finally, there's an event in London where you can be part of a human claw machine. Interested? Same.