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18 Ways That You Can Actively Support The Black Community No Matter Where You're From

Black lives matter.

Seeing individuals become victims of racial profiling, police brutality, and acts of violence in the US, it’s easy to feel helpless – particularly when you live elsewhere. Protests have broken out throughout the world, people are openly speaking out on social media about racial issues, and the petition for Justice For George Floyd alone has reached over 11 million signatures – and counting!

These are just some of the positive steps being taken in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and you can continue to show your support and solidarity no matter where in the world you live, and whatever your ethnicity. We’ve compiled a list of some of the amazing organisations, fundraisers, and social platforms that you can support and share, along with other ways you can help:

You can support each of these organisations from the UK or anywhere else in the world:

1. George Floyd Memorial Fund

CORRECTION: the page is run by George Floyd's brother, a previous version of this article stated it was run by his sister.

2. Black Visions Collective

3. Reclaim The Block

4. Northstar Health Collective

5. R.I.P Belly Mujinga

6. I Run With Maud

7. Fight For Breonna

8. Black Lives Matter Greater NY

9. The Bail Project

10. Pride Fund

11. Gas Mask Fund

Black youth in Minneapolis are fundraising for military grade gas masks. y’all know what to do.

Vanessa Taylor / Via Twitter: @BaconTribe

A Minneapolis-based fund that's raising money to buy gas masks for activists who have faced tear gas during protests.

You can help by donating here.

12. Campaign Zero

Other ways you can continue to show your support:

✨ There are lots of great social pages that you can follow to increase your knowledge – e.g. @seasonedbf, @hellamelanin, cocoabutter, and galdemzine, who find a balance between spreading positivity and highlighting important race issues.

✨ Show your support and solidarity through liking, sharing, and posting information as it comes your way – you never know who might benefit from seeing it!

✨ Support black artists and creators and give them credit where it’s due – especially if you’re sharing their work as a means to get across a message that probably means a lot to them.

✨ Protest – safely – if you’re able to!

✨ And if you’re not able to then you can show your solidarity by kneeling at home and posting it on social media to spread the message.

✨ If you don’t feel informed enough to take a stance on racial issues then you can educate yourself – these books are a great place to start.

If you have any suggestions for fundraisers, organisations, important and uplifting Instagram pages, reliable sources of information, small black-owned businesses, and general ways to help that weren't mentioned in this article – please leave them in the comments section below.