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    I Asked All The Men In My Life What They *Actually* Want As A Valentine's Gift – Here’s 81 Things They Said They'd Love

    For whether you've just met or have been together for 20 years!

    1. Firstly, you basically can't go wrong with some nice boxers! These Ralph Lauren ones are sleek and stylish.

    2. Something football-related is basically foolproof! If he's a Man Utd fan then he's sure to love a hardback copy of Alex: the Man Behind the Legend.

    3. Dior's Sauvage eau de toilette smells divine, so it's a treat for you as well as him!

    4. And if you're after something a little more luxe, this Tom Ford Ombre Leather eau de parfum has some rave reviews.

    5. A 100% cashmere jumper for under £100? Yes please.

    6. Get 'your song' printed in soundwave form thanks to this stunning (yet surprisingly affordable) copper foil print.

    7. This Stormtrooper beer 'thirst aid kit' is ideal for any Star Wars fan!

    8. Hotel Chocolat's Velvetiser machine makes the most incredible hot chocolate, matcha lattes, and even steamed milk for your morning coffee! Romantic breakfast in bed, anyone?

    9. For a subtle-yet-sentimental gift, you can personalise this leather keyring with their name and a picture of the two of you inside.

    10. You can customise these boxers by printing your face all over them for a hilarious, personal, and let's be honest: pretty practical gift.

    11. This sleek diffuser set clips straight onto his car's vents and releases gorgeous scents like dark rum, vetiver, and tonka.

    12. He'll *finally* have a place to store his everyday bits and bobs thanks to this handy monogrammed bag!

    13. Speaking of organising his clutter, he can now replace that mass of screwdrivers in his toolbox with this multi-function screwdriver that features 60(!) head replacements.

    14. If he loves to cook, he'll be thrilled to unwrap the cult-status Always Pan! The multi-purpose wonder doesn't just look incredibly sleek, it also works as a fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, and spoon rest – plus it comes with a spatula!

    15. This Ralph Lauren merino wool scarf makes for a classic failsafe gift.

    16. Give him the treat he deserves with this Shiatsu neck and back massager. It can be used in the car, on the sofa, or at his desk!

    17. If his current wallet is looking a bit battered, he'll be sure to appreciate being upgraded to this leather Ralph Lauren one.

    18. I'm willing to bet that he'll enthusiastically start his own routine once he's been introduced to this luxe skincare starter set. It even includes a gorgeous wash bag that I kinda want for myself.

    19. If he's a bit of a tech whizz, this super sleek Ember smart mug is sure to go down well! It'll allow him to keep his cuppa warm for literally hours.

    20. Give your forgetful fella a super thoughtful gift in this clever Tile Mate keyring. Once set up, it'll allow him to ring his keys from his phone and vice-versa!

    21. If he's more into 'experiences, not things' then might I suggest this spa day for two? He can pick from 305 venues, and the best thing is you'll get to join!

    22. And if you really want to go ~all out~, why not book a waterside stay at this relaxing spa hotel in Shropshire?

    23. This personalised Peppa Pig book makes a great gift from your little ones.

    24. I adore the idea of this 100-year journal! It has 1,000 pages for you to document special shared moments from your relationship well into the future.

    25. If he loves nothing better than reading about history, he's sure to love this hardcover book which discusses significant events that shaped the world.

    26. You can make his life a little easier with this Echo Dot smart speaker.

    27. If he's always losing his glasses (and really into chess), this King chess piece glasses holder is a really thoughtful gift!

    28. If he's the ~artsy~ type, he's sure to get lost in building this LEGO bonsai tree, plus you'll have a lovely piece of art to display once it's completed!

    29. This genius bottle includes a whisk, so he can quickly and efficiently dissolve protein powders and supplements into his shake after a workout.

    30. Speaking of working out, if he's an avid gym-goer he's sure to appreciate these Epsom bath salts to help soothe tired muscles.

    31. If he has a thing for photography, I'd snap up this highly-rated reusable film camera ASAP.

    32. Why not gift him a fun activity you can do together – like this axe-throwing experience for two?

    33. And it'll be hard not to literally jump for joy when he finds out he'll be taking part in this sports car experience where he'll get to drive a Ferrari 360!

    34. I'm willing to bet music is a big part of his life, so why not treat him to these stunning Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2 headphones? They use a total of six microphones for outstanding noise cancellation, have an impressive 30 hours of battery life, and just look incredibly sleek.

    35. And if he's more of a wireless in-ear headphones kinda guy, their brand new PI7 S2 earphones are perfect! They feature active noise cancelling and integrated microphones to ensure the quality of the music is as close to the studio-recorded version as possible. And can we please talk about this stunning deep blue colourway?!

    36. Getting them a book about an icon they admire is always a good idea – I'd suggest A Promised Land by Barack Obama.

    37. This self-stirring mug will play to your man's most 'quirky' trait.

    38. Introduce him to the world of skincare with this on-the-go moisturiser stick and purifying clay mask set.

    39. These white chocolate-covered, sugar rose-adorned mini Oreos are basically the definition of the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

    40. The wax of this decadently-scented candle melts into a hot massage oil that's perfect for a sensual back rub. The oil has a strawberry champagne scent – ideal for romantic occasions!

    41. And he can slip into this waffle robe to really make the most of his indulgent pamper treat.

    42. These artisanal chocolate planets don't just look gorgeous, they also represent how your love for your partner reaches ~to infinity and beyond~.

    43. I'm willing to bet anything he's in need of a new shirt! Enter: this light blue cotton one that can be dressed up or down with ease.

    44. And the same goes for these classic Calvin Klein trunks – 'cause let's be honest, with his laundry habits he can never have too many spares!

    45. Your bespectacled beauty will adore this sweet (and practical) handmade glasses stand.

    46. If you're always looking for new date inspo then you'll both appreciate this 100 dates bucket list scratch-off poster.

    47. This NEOM Organics candle doesn't just *look* incredibly luxe, the soothingly-scented wax melts into a hot oil which you can use to give your partner a sensual back rub!

    48. Speaking of smelling great, if he loves the Paco Rabannes 1 Million scent, this aftershave will make a great addition to his side of the bathroom cabinet.

    49. I am losing it over this personalised Build Me mini figure print– you can make the figures look exactly like the two of you and even add a sweet message underneath!

    50. This classic leather Hugo Boss belt is sure to go down a treat.

    51. If he likes to keep his beard looking neat and tidy, might I suggest this easy-to-use cordless trimmer from Remington?

    52. Does he love football? Thought so. This football team history book will give him all the major sports reports from his beloved team.

    53. This Tommy Hilfiger leather bracelet is selling fast, and it's clear to see why!

    54. And these (surprisingly affordable) textured cufflinks are sure to come in handy come wedding season!

    55. I can't imagine a circumstance in which gifting this portable massage gun doesn't incite complete joy from the receiver.

    56. Drop him a hint to improve his current 'au naturel' vibe with this incredibly sleek nose and ear hair trimmer. It makes a great practical gift if your partner insists they 'don't need anything love'!

    57. Upgrade their old, battered razor to this self-sharpening Philips one that can be used both wet and dry.

    58. The reigning king of fry-ups can show off his skills even faster with this clever pan that'll let him cook everything at once.

    59. Make *any* Valentine's gift approximately 100% better by wrapping it in this paper that has their favourite person's face printed all over it (that's you, BTW).

    60. This timeless Missoma ring makes for a meaningful gift that'll remind him of you every time he looks down at his hand.