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    26 Useful Products That'll Make The Great Outdoors A Much Better Place To Be

    From gardening tools to ultra lightweight picnic blankets!

    1. Add some extra colour to your garden fence with these handy hanging flower pots. They're a great space-saving option for balconies too!

    2. Since you'll probably be spending more time in the garden, this collapsible garden kneeler is sure to come in useful! It has helpful side pockets to hold your tools and you can turn it around to use as a stool too.

    3. If your lack of an outdoor tap is making watering your plants difficult, there's no need to worry – this universal connector attaches to most kitchen taps and garden hoses!

    4. This vintage-style mirror will add a bit of interest to your garden's decor. It's giving me serious The Secret Garden vibes!

    5. Wrap these solar powered bee lights around a boring bush to instantly spruce it up.

    6. This long-handled weed remover brush will get rid of the pesky moss growing between your driveway tiles in no time!

    7. The outdoor bars might be all booked up ATM, but you can recreate a similar vibe in your back garden thanks to this wall-mounted bottle opener. It even has a pocket for used lids!

    8. These stylish lanterns look like genuine candles flickering in the night.

    9. And this solar-powered lantern will cast ~ethereal~ shadows onto your decking. It's also super easy to hang up.

    10. Even if you're outside, you never know when you'll need to nip indoors somewhere with your face covering on! This adjustable mask extender helps to prevent your ears from getting sore, ensures ill-fitting masks are properly secured to your face, and won't get in the way of things like earrings and headscarves.

    11. This hand sanitiser spray is far more convenient to use than (often sticky) gel formulas. You can also use it to quickly disinfect things like phones and car keys!

    12. It's officially spontaneous picnic season! This teeny tiny waterproof blanket folds up and fits in your pocket so you're always ready to make the most of unexpectedly sunny days.

    13. This picnic blanket is a larger alternative. It has built-in loops that you can use in conjunction with the included pegs to fix the blanket to any kind of soft ground.

    14. And if you already have a favourite picnic blanket, these sturdy pegs will clip onto any towel, blanket, or sheet and prevent it from flying away!

    15. This 31-piece cutlery set has literally all you'll need for an al fresco dining experience for six. It's super lightweight too!

    16. And these individual cutlery sets are great for takeaways! They're easy to pop into your bag, are made from eco-friendly wheat straw, and will help to prevent waste by avoiding the use of disposable plastic cutlery.

    17. These clip-on cup holders will grip firmly to any sturdy ridge (e.g. a table's edge), so you won't have to cry over any spilled milk – or juice, or beer, or any other liquid for that matter.

    18. This lil' foldable table will bring an element of ~grandeur~ to your picnic. It locks into position whether open or closed, so it's super sturdy!

    19. You know these mini cooler blocks are sure to come in handy. They're super cheap too!

    20. Give your barbecue grill a much-needed spring clean with the help of this powerful cleaner. It removes baked-on food and grease in no time!

    21. And this heavy-duty cleaning brush will make the process even more of a breeze! It features stainless steel bristles that'll do all the hard work for you.

    22. Speaking of spring cleaning, this long-handled litter grabber will make clearing up your garden super easy. The foldable design means it barely takes up any space when you're not using it!

    23. And this garden sprayer is ideal for spraying insecticides and fertilisers. Not to mention it's *incredibly* satisfying to use!

    24. These ceramic hanging planters are a great space-saving option for your plant babies.

    25. Pop this solar-powered water fountain into a pretty bird bath to create an element of zen in your outdoor space.

    26. And this stunning terracotta water feature includes a built-in LED light, making it great for nighttime use!