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    24 Products That *Feel* Like Impulse Purchases But Are Actually Really Useful

    If you're always looking for quirky-yet-handy products then look no further!

    1. Firstly, I am obsessed with these lil' self-adhesive cloud magnets that are perfect for holding your keys.

    2. As somebody who constantly forgets to water their plants, you can imagine my delight when I found out this plant life support drip wasn't just a gimmick. It gradually waters plants for up to seven days, making it perfect for when you go away on holiday too!

    3. This family of adorable ~nesting~ Nessies act as a straining spoon, ladle, and loose leaf tea infuser.

    4. These cute leaf-shaped tap extenders allow your little ones to reach the running water with ease!

    5. This isn't just any old glass bird ornament. The crystals within gather or dissolve to help you predict the weather outside!

    6. Although at first glance this teeny tiny Bluetooth speaker doesn't seem like it'll do much, customers swear the bass and volume pack an impressive punch – all for under £20!

    7. Store your valuables in this genius lil' can that looks like a tin of beans. Nobody will know the difference!

    8. This quirky clothespeg bookmark features a handy light to help you read in the dark.

    9. And this sloth bookmark will hold the pages of your book open! It's great for cookbooks and novels alike.

    10. At first sight this might look like a novelty miniature witch's cauldron, but it's actually a fully-functioning soup bowl, complete with lid and spoon.

    11. While we're on the subject, this little silicone witch is ideal for holding spoons, ladles, and spatulas up so they won't drip sauce everywhere. You can also use her to release steam from your pot!

    12. Spice up your WFH space with this cool wooden ornament that doubles up as a stand for your glasses.

    13. These gangly garden frogs have super flexible arms and legs that you can wrap around the stems of your plants to grow them in your desired direction.

    14. Speaking of useful garden-adjacent products, these miniature garden forks and shovels actually make great dessert spoons and forks!

    15. You'd be forgiven for buying this stunning red lipstick for its decadent packaging alone (I mean, can we please talk about that embossed bullet?). Customers say the colours are super wearable and long-lasting too!

    16. Simply add some water and vinegar to this angry lil' figurine and heat it in the microwave to ease built-on grime off the walls of your appliance.

    17. This yummy-looking peach is actually a fizzy bath bomb, infused with essential oils to soothe the senses and leave your skin feeling soft and supple!

    18. This helpful kitty will hold your z-shaped sticky notes at the most convenient angle for when you need to write an urgent note.

    19. Speaking of purr-fect storage spots, these lil' makeup sponge containers are ideal for keeping your beauty tools dry and dust-free. The ridges on the base also help to clean them thoroughly!

    20. These smiley wall-mounted toothbrush holders bring a whole new meaning to cheap and cheerful!

    21. Bring a little pizzazz to your boring WC thanks to this cherry-shaped toilet brush set.

    22. And if you can't get enough of cherry-themed products, these measuring spoons will look absolutely adorable in your kitchen. The extra leaf even works as an egg separator!

    23. I'm more than a little obsessed with these silicone toast tongs that look like a duck. The 'beak' features grippy inner ridges to grab your toast with ease!

    24. Finally, this beautiful bath mat won't just add to your bathroom's chic decor, it's also easily washable, super absorbent, and has a non-slip base.