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    Just 28 No-Brainer Purchases That'll Cost You Less Than A Meal Deal

    Basically, everything in this list is £3.50 or under.

    1. Firstly, this cute crochet face mask extender will make overly-large masks fit more snugly. They come in a range of chic neutral shades and will protect the backs of your ears from too much friction!

    2. These feather bookmarks would make sweet and thoughtful gifts, and they're under £1 each!

    3. Now that the sun is *finally* out, using SPF is more important than ever. This fast-drying scalp spray helps to protect one of the most easily forgotten areas!

    4. Sunburnt lips can be the most irritatingly painful thing ever! Pop one of these lil' lip balms with SPF 30 in your bag and dot the rest around the house so you're always prepared for an impromptu tanning sesh.

    5. This clever sponge caddy grips to the inside of your kitchen sink, keeping your washing-up sponge dry, clean, and out of the way.

    6. This styptic pencil quickly stems the flow of blood from small cuts, making it perfect if your hand tends to slip while shaving.

    7. These small but powerful acne patches will heal your spots while preventing you from picking at them. You'll get 72 patches for under three quid!

    8. It's officially white nail polish weather! I predict you'll be wearing this affordable-yet-super-long-lasting one on repeat.

    9. These Command hooks will come in so handy! They hold up to 1kg each and can be easily removed whenever you like, leaving behind no sticky residue.

    10. Prep your feet for those long-awaited strappy sandals with the help of these moisturising sock masks. Use them after soaking and buffing your soles for optimum softening results!

    11. These personalised wheelie bin stickers look far more stylish than roughly painting your door number on the outside of your big bins!

    12. If you're as clumsy as me, I know this stain cleaning solution with a built in scrubbing brush will come in super handy.

    13. This peach-flavoured lip scrub smells delicious and will keep your lips soft and supple in this baking heat.

    14. These genius baby spoons turn white when the food is still too hot! Combined with the tapered and soft tips, this makes them perfect for feeding little mouths.

    15. These sharp and precise eyebrow razors are ideal for removing peach fuzz from your face to get a *super* smooth base for makeup.

    16. This bestselling self tanning mitt is quick and easy to use, PLUS it's under three quid!

    17. Make the most of the sunny weather by getting active outdoors with the help of this incredibly wallet-friendly skipping rope.

    18. I only WISH I had these cute pastel highlighters to spice up my notes when I was at school!

    19. This double-ended nail tool will help you clean and prep your talons to perfection! It's made out of stainless steel, making it so easy to clean between uses.

    20. Treat yourself to a mini pamper sesh by popping on this soothing, hydrating, and super popular sheet mask.

    21. When I used to have dyed blonde hair, it would always get a weird yellowish tinge when I'd been out in the sun for too long! This powerful (yet cheap) purple shampoo never failed to bring back the cooler tone I was after.

    22. This body scrub is packed full of natural ingredients, has a sweet and energising citrus scent, and will leave your body feeling incredibly soft!

    23. I'm more than a little bit obsessed with this extra large lemon print binder. You know it's gonna come in handy for your WFH setup!

    24. Since Father's Day is around the corner, I'm just gonna leave this adorable card right here.

    25. This hardworking bathroom plughole unblocker dissolves hair, soap scum, and general ~sludge~ in a matter of hours. It's kind of a necessity if you have extra long hair or like to shave in the shower!

    26. If you're always forgetting your loved ones' birthdays, this beautiful birthday card is a handy item to keep around – just in case.

    27. There will never be an occasion where these salted caramel M&Ms won't be appreciated. Pop them in a microwave-safe bowl and heat for a few seconds – trust me, you won't regret it!

    28. Finally, this peach and pink pepper washing up liquid is made using plant-based and biodegradable ingredients, and the pump dispenser will honestly change the game when it comes to doing the dishes.