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    27 Unreasonably Bougie Products You'll Probably Buy In 0.2 Seconds

    They *really* didn't have to go this hard.

    1. I simply cannot get over how adorable these lil' swan salt and pepper shakers are!

    2. Pop a boring old tissue box into this vintage book-shaped holder to make blowing your nose about 100 times more fun. It would also make a great gift for bibliophiles – just saying!

    3. This tweezer set comes in the most gorgeous shades of rose gold! It includes four different styles of tweezer to ensure you grab *every* hair.

    4. Can we please talk about how ridiculously stunning these red lipsticks are? They each feature an embossed bullet and beautifully decorated packaging.

    5. This vintage-style drawer knob is – and I can't stress this enough – shaped like a delicate lil' bee! A couple of these bad boys will give your plain old wardrobe an instant bougie upgrade.

    6. It's hard to believe, but these jewel-shaped works of art are actually toddler-friendly stacking stones! They'll help develop your little one's colour recognition and hand-eye coordination and will look great on your shelf.

    7. You'd be forgiven for thinking I'm a bit *too* obsessed with fancy tissue holders, but I couldn't not include this graceful glass number!

    8. I can't think of a more impressive way to display your hand towels than on this sleek gold tone rack. You can also mount it in your kitchen as a handy place to store your wine!

    9. Is this a cleverly constructed incense burner or a beautiful piece of decor? The answer is both.

    10. These pretty little jars are fab for holding cotton buds, pads, and other small beauty bits.

    11. These Sanctuary Spa mineral bath salts will look exquisite on your bathroom counter and add a luxe rose gold sheen to your bath water!

    12. With their natural crystal-esque aesthetic and gold-tone rims, these bath bombs are far more fancy than they have any right to be.

    13. This face highlighter has the most incredible packaging I've ever seen on a beauty product. The surface features a pretty embossed design too!

    14. I can almost guarantee that this swan-shaped ceramic toilet brush will be the most expensive-looking thing in your WC.

    15. I'm in love with this helpful hippo! It'll hold your keys, jewellery, or snacks in style.

    16. These unique floating shelves are propped up by quirky cactus-shaped metal brackets.

    17. Your guests will demand to know where you got these unbelievably cute glasses stands.

    18. This handmade Himalayan salt hanging ornament is probably the coolest car charm I've ever seen!

    19. Not to be dramatic, but I would DIE for these gold-rimmed agate coasters. They'll make anything you display on top of them look instantly more expensive!

    20. With its large capacity, collapsible design, and incredibly stylish look, this space-saving laundry basket really didn't need to go so hard.

    21. These unbelievably chic black marble balloons are *just* the thing for that bougie birthday party you have coming up!

    22. Impress your guests with these rustic jute napkin rings. The knotted design is kinda mesmerising!

    23. This isn't just any nail file – it's a super sturdy crystal nail file with a quirky animal print design AND its own sleek travel case to help keep it in top condition!

    24. Forget your boring day-to-day mug, this matte black ceramic one has a satisfyingly slim rim and wide design and comes with chic accessories!

    25. This is hands down the most beautiful wax melt burner I've ever seen! It'll look gorgeous on your nightstand.

    26. The frosted amber glass, matte black details, and sleek silhouette make this hand soap dispenser look like you bought it in a fancy apothecary.

    27. Finally, this makeup case doesn't just look incredibly luxe, it has a HUGE capacity, is easy to transport, and will prevent your beauty bits from getting covered with dust!