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    19 Under The Radar Beauty Finds With Rave Reviews On Amazon

    Just some little-known products that thousands of customers swear by – no biggie.


    1. This flat top kabuki brush that will blend your foundation like a dream.

    2. This eyelash enhancing serum that will make people think you’ve got extensions.

    3. And this eyeshadow palette that will take you from day to night.

    4. This liquid eyeliner set has guide stamps so you can get the perfect wing every time!

    5. This colour-correcting mineral powder foundation that you can just chuck on and go.

    6. This waterproof eyebrow gel that will make your brows stay in place ALL DAY.


    7. This hyaluronic acid serum which reviewers swear is like a mini facelift in a bottle.

    8. This extra strength salicylic acid cream that will help to clear your skin from spots.

    9. This best-selling moisturiser – from the company that cares.

    10. This retinol serum that will help make your skin smooth and clear.

    11. This derma roller that can give you salon results at a fraction of the price.


    12. This dry oil spray that will soften your skin while keeping those dreaded mosquitos at bay.

    13. And this 100% pure cold pressed argan oil that you can use on pretty much everything.

    14. Using this extra strength antiperspirant spray will mean you don’t have to think twice about wearing that light grey T-shirt.

    15. This Swedish foot cream, ‘cause the Swedes know their stuff about foot care!


    16. This purple shampoo that will make your blonde hair classy, not brassy.

    17. This affordable and compact hair dryer that will still give you a salon finish.

    18. Get the swishy locks of a show pony with this shampoo and conditioner set.

    19. And finally, this anti-dandruff shampoo that really does what it says on the tin.