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    27 Under The Radar Beauty Buys That Are Kind Of A Bargain

    All of these products are under £10!

    1. Customers are simply RAVING about how this waterproof mascara makes their lashes so much thicker and longer without smudging or flaking off throughout the day!

    2. And you can create an eye look as dramatic as you are with this jet black eyeliner, which has a super thin tip for easy application and a really precise flick.

    3. These eyelash curlers have an easy-grip handle, longer curl surface to fit most eye shapes and sizes, and firm curling pads to help lashes stay lifted all day!

    4. Leave a layer of this best-selling lip mask on while you sleep and wake up to intensely moisturised, softened lips (that probably still smell like raspberries).

    5. These adorable wine lip tints are super pigmented and moisturising, for a pop of colour to suit your every mood.

    6. This eyeshadow palette has the most delicious warm shades, with rich mattes and pigmented shimmers to take your look from day to night.

    7. And think of all the Christmas party looks you can create with this intensely pigmented glitter eyeshadow palette!

    8. You can trim your stray eyebrow hairs easily with these cute and precise eyebrow razors.

    9. This setting spray comes out in a lovely fine mist, and customers swear the somewhat magic formula both hydrates their skin and stops it from looking greasy throughout the whole day!

    10. Okay, this makeup primer is bang on £10 rather that under it, but we had to make an exception for the cruelty-free, water-based formula, which locks moisture into the skin to give you a smooth canvas for your makeup artistry.

    11. If you're after a properly flawless finish, this primer will smooth your pores and make your skin feel like silk.

    12. This super satisfying black charcoal mask will get the gunk out of your pores with minimal effort. It has a thicker texture than other charcoal masks, which makes it way more easy to peel off.

    13. This affordable foundation comes in 10 inclusive shades and customers swear the full-coverage formula performs WAY beyond its price tag!

    14. You can mix and match the creams in this multitasking face palette to highlight, contour, and colour-correct. The formula is really pigmented too, so will help to conceal imperfections easily.

    15. This nail polish top coat dries ridiculously fast and will keep your manicure looking fresh for weeks! Anyone who wants amazing looking nails with minimal effort, this one's for you.

    16. And if the cold weather tends to dry out your hands and nails, you can use this highly-rated cuticle conditioning oil to keep your manicure looking fresh.

    17. This natural deodorant balm is 100% aluminium free, and customers swear it keeps them feeling and smelling fresh all day.

    18. This rose water toner removes light makeup, refreshes the skin, and soothes irritation so is ideal if your skin is super-sensitive.

    19. The ingredients in this hydrating body wash are 99% natural and entirely free from parabens and SLS. Customers love the fresh and delicate scent, which comes from naturally derived essential oils.

    20. This foundation brush is ridiculously highly rated, with over 3,000 reviews – customers swear the dense but super-soft bristles help to give them a flawless base in mere seconds!

    21. This dual-ended brush has a sturdy side for smoothing out your eyebrows, and a precise angled side for filling them in.

    22. And if your entire makeup brush collection needs an update, this 15-piece brush set will have you covered – customers say the quality is amazing for the price!

    23. You can keep them clean with this makeup brush shampoo, which is specially formulated to give your brushes a deep clean and keep them soft.

    24. This scalp massager will make your hair feel properly clean, promotes hair growth, and exfoliates your scalp to help reduce the appearance of flakes.

    25. And you can make your bleached hair classy, not brassy with this no-yellow shampoo.

    26. Everyone needs a good tweezer set, this one has four different styles of tweezer to catch even the tiniest and most stubborn hairs.

    27. And finally, this hair finishing stick will help you tame flyaways and make your updo look super professional.