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    41 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To If You’re Having A Rough Time Lately

    It goes without saying that these all make great pick-me-up gifts too!

    1. First thing's first, these lil' corner bookmarks will add a bit of class to your reading sessions – they're made from leather so will age gracefully too!

    2. If it's often a bit tricky to find time for a soothing 'me time' bath, this shower steamer feels just as relaxing as a bath bomb. Simply break a piece off and pop it on the floor of your shower while you bathe – the steam and splashes of water will release a deeply soothing scent to make it feel like you're having a lovely long soak instead of your usual speedy pre-work shower!

    3. I can pretty much guarantee you'll smile every time you take a sip from this gorgeous Frida Kahlo teacup. The matching saucer looks like a lil' flower!

    4. These cute capsules contain small sheets of paper that you can personalise with sweet notes! Whether you fill it up for a friend or write love letters to yourself to open when you need a pick-me-up, it'll be time well spent.

    5. Show your lips some love with this exfoliating scrub and overnight lip mask duo. You'll wake up to smooth, nourished, and non-greasy lips!

    6. Give yourself a pep talk each morning by reading through a few of these affirmation cards. You'll be surprised at just how optimistic they'll make you feel!

    7. You can turn this little hug-in-a-pocket charm into an uplifting mascot. It's also a lovely gift for that person you don't get to squeeze IRL as often as you'd like!

    8. You won't have to share this huge box of Fererro Rochers with anyone else!

    9. And the same goes for this absolutely HUGE bar of Dairy Milk chocolate!

    10. This positivi-tea cup and mini teapot set is sure to put a smile on your face whenever you use it.

    11. This lil' leggy terracotta planter is quite simply adorable.

    12. Treat yourself to a spa-worthy pamper evening with the help of this cult-status bentonite clay mask. Mix it with apple cider vinegar for an intense facial that'll leave your skin positively glowing!

    13. And this deeply moisturising sheet mask feels so relaxing and luxurious to use.

    14. This handwoven rainbow hanging will brighten up your room – even when there's been no sign of sun for what feels like weeks!

    15. These teeny tiny succulent candles will add a bit of ~interest~ to the same WFH view you've been looking at for ages now.

    16. And these hand-sculpted tea lights are almost too beautiful to burn! However if you do pick up the courage, they'll release an incredible floral scent.

    17. This coconut lip scrub is vegan-friendly and made using 100% natural ingredients.

    18. This gorgeous lamp looks like a glowing galaxy when it's lit and it's portable, so you can easily light up any dark corner.

    19. Paint your nails with this pistachio-coloured polish to make it feel like spring has already sprung.

    20. These hair claws are practical, pretty, and very on-trend.

    21. This lip balm is boosted by honey and green tea extracts to nourish and revitalise the lips.

    22. These under-eye masks don't just look fancy AF, they're also infused with collagen and 24K gold to brighten dark circles and reduce puffiness!

    23. You can customise this big Galaxy bar with your own name, and a loving message from you, to you x.

    24. If culinary creations have been your saving grace recently, I think you deserve to treat yourself to this Star Baker wooden spoon!

    25. And complete your professional look with this cute gingham apron and chef's hat set.

    26. This teddy bear glass is simply too cute to pass up! It has a double wall insulated design to keep your cuppa hot and your chilled drinks cold.

    27. The artsy design of this mouse mat isn't just a pretty face! It has a non-slip base and an ergonomically-designed wrist support cushion to make gaming or working on your computer way more enjoyable.

    28. Want to switch up your regular cuppa? I suggest you treat yourself to this deeply indulgent dark caramel tea.

    29. And if you can't get enough of herbal tea, then this cute collection of organic 'wellness' teas will be right up your street!

    30. This uplifting mug is beautiful both inside and out – literally!

    31. These teaspoons take their cool-cat status to the next level! You'll get a mix of fun and neutral colours and they'll hang onto the rim of your glass rather than slipping down.

    32. If you could use some IRL bonding time with your loved ones, this stimulating conversation game will have you exploring areas you never have before!

    33. And for something a bit more lighthearted, reviewers swear this Taskmaster card game feels *just* like being on the show – it even comes complete with a mini Alex Horne!

    34. Appease your inner child with this retro sweets selection box – it'll feel like a blast from the past!

    35. Turn a dreary walk in the rain into an adventure through space – okay, not quite, but the galaxy print and automatic open function of this umbrella is *kinda* out of this world!

    36. The luxe packaging and refreshing fragrance of this shea butter hand cream makes it feel more expensive than it actually is!

    37. Lying on this acupressure mat for just a few minutes each evening will boost blood circulation, ease muscle fatigue, and help to relieve pain in the head, neck, shoulders, and back.

    38. Give your cold toes a little TLC by popping them in this cute-yet-effective electric foot warmer boot – it's lined with sherpa for extra cosiness!

    39. This microwavable heating pad really helps to soothe muscle aches as well as period pains!

    40. This 24K gold face mask not only looks extremely bougie, but also feels deeply satisfying to peel off.

    41. Finally, remind yourself of your true status whenever you catch a glimpse of this beautiful trinket dish!