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Only Touch-Typing Pros Will Be Able To Get Full Marks On This Super Hard Typing Quiz

How good are your touch typing skills really?!

We all know how to type, but can you type without looking?

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The Rules:

✨ Type each word exactly as it appears in the question 👀

✨ No peeking at either your keyboard or your screen 🙈

✨ Make sure you've actually clicked into the box before you close your eyes!

You’re literally working against yourself in this quiz, so while I can’t *technically* tell if you’re cheating or not, I’m gonna trust you here!

Warner Bros. / Via
  1. Type: apple

    Text reads: type apple
    Getty Images
  2. Now type:
    ice cream

    Text reads: now type ice cream
    Getty Images
  3. Type: feather

    text reads: type feather
    Getty Images
  4. Type: ocean

    text reads: type ocean
    Getty Images
  5. Now type: television

    Text reads: now type television
    Getty Images
  6. Type: elephant

    Text reads: type elephant
    Getty Images
  7. Type: continent

    Text reads: type continent
    Getty Images
  8. Type: chocolate

    Text reads: type chocolate
    Getty Images
  9. Type: mountain

    Text reads: type mountain
    Getty Images
  10. Type: rectangle

    Text reads: type rectangle
    Getty Images
  11. Now type: knowledge

    Text reads: now type knowledge
  12. Type: toy soldiers

    Text reads: type toy soldiers
    Getty Images
  13. Type: conversation

    Text reads: type conversation
    Getty Images
  14. Finally, type: wednesday

    Text reads: finally, type wednesday
    Getty Images

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