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    41 Timeless Clothes You Can Buy In The Sales Now To Last You Through 2023, 2024, 2025, And Beyond

    These are literally the opposite of impulse sale purchases!

    1. Striped jumpers come back in style every. Single. Winter. So I sort of can't believe the 60%-off price tag of this oversized Cos one that's a great dupe for an iconic (and much pricier) brand.

    2. This chic red ribbed midi dress is half price and will see you through countless wintery special occasions to come!

    3. If you're in the market for a classic blazer, look no further than this 55%-off black one!

    4. And these 40%-off straight leg trousers will never go out of style.

    5. 40% off a classic grey high-neck pure cashmere jumper? Yes please.

    6. Of course we had to include a crisp oversized white shirt in this list! This pure cotton one is 60% off and can be layered up now or worn alone in the warmer months.

    7. I had a pair of Reebok trainers in my wardrobe ten years ago, and I’d bet anything I’ll have a pair of Reebok trainers in my wardrobe ten years from now. Introducing: these black-and-white detail ones that are 47% off and a slightly more sophisticated take on the original all-white style.

    8. Save 25% on these leggings that feature a super high-waisted design that's both comfy and flattering.

    9. I am obsessed with ARKET's activewear, and this 28%-off seamless crop top is no exception!

    10. This herringbone trench coat looks far more expensive than what you'll pay for it, thanks to its 48%-off price tag.

    11. These twisted gold Missoma hoops will go with basically any outfit and are 34% off!

    12. Not only is this classic parka 75% off(!!!), it also turns into a gilet when you remove the outer layer. We love a warm, versatile, and timeless design!

    13. These cotton stretch flares look really smart but feel super comfy. They're also reduced by 30%!

    14. You can pair this 60%-off cropped vest with anything, from wide leg trousers to midi skirts.

    15. I am losing it over this woven cardigan and dress co-ord! If it looks like it's worth 60% more than what you'll pay, that's because it originally was.

    16. This ruched black blouse will look eternally elegant for 41% less!

    17. Everybody needs a dark grey wool coat in their wardrobe, so you should probably snap up this 59%-off number while it's still in stock!

    18. I adore the monochromatic design of this midaxi dress almost as much as its 45%-off price tag!

    19. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm obsessed with neutral striped jumpers! There's 49% off this high-neck one which is great for tucking into leather trousers or wearing over leggings.

    20. I can't believe this pretty rhodochrosite pendant is 40% off!

    21. While we're on the subject of timeless pink pieces, you can add a bit of a rougher edge to this 32%-off knitted mini dress by pairing it with some chunky black boots.

    22. Speaking of which, you can't ever go wrong with some high-quality Chelsea boots. These Timberland ones are 40% off and will only get better the longer you own them!

    23. They'd pair beautifully with flowy midi dresses too! Case in point: this neutral half-price ARKET dress (nobody can tell me that green leopard print isn't neutral and universally flattering).

    24. There's 60% off this elegant gathered shirt dress.

    25. Save a sweet 63% on this tiered shirt dress that pairs beautifully with knee-high boots and (most importantly) has pockets.

    26. There's 30% off this oversized Alpaca blend hoodie that'll instantly elevate your loungedrobe.

    27. PSA: you can get 40% off this classic pure cashmere crewneck jumper RN!

    28. I'd suggest tucking it into these faux leather trousers which are 25% off (and selling fast).

    29. And they'd pair equally well with this chic 45%-off beige cardi.

    30. Buy this gorgeous red velvet mini dress now so you'll have it for countless future festive parties. It's 58% off!

    31. There's 60% off this pure silk blouse that's ideal for your back-to-work wardrobe!

    32. I can pretty much guarantee you'll wear this French terry hoodie and matching joggers throughout many winters to come, so I'd snap them up while they're 49% off if I were you!

    33. Future summertime you will thank present you for buying this sleek halter neck slip dress while it was 63% off!

    34. This long-sleeved top has a gorgeous pattern, will look great tucked into wide leg trousers, and is 60% off!

    35. There's also 60% off this high-neck bodysuit that was basically made to be paired with jeans and a blazer.

    36. I thought this ribbed midi dress was a great price even before its 41% reduction in price! Pair it with knee-high boots for a timeless effect that masquerades as a statement look.

    37. Let's not kid ourselves: these '70s-style high ankle boots will come back in style every autumn/winter, so you might as well get them while they're 60% less!

    38. This style of oversized quilted sage jacket has come back on trend for a few winters in a row now, so I think this 63%-off one would make an excellent purchase!

    39. There's a whopping 71% off this chic cardi! The sparkly buttons add a lil' something special to the classic design.

    40. There's 60% off this midi shirt dress that's both comfy and chic.

    41. Finally, this padded black parka is an equally sleek 60% off!