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    27 Timeless Clothes You Can Buy In The Sales Now To Last You Through 2021, 2022, 2023, And Beyond

    These are literally the opposite of impulse sale purchases!

    1. The clean silhouette of this fine knit turtleneck mini dress has been consistently stylish since the sixties – oh, and it's 50% off right now!

    2. This fitted body is flattering, will tuck into trousers and skirts like a dream, and is 57% off!

    3. These tapered trousers are 50% off and have a classic style that'll go with pretty much everything!

    4. This fitted mini dress will have you covered for any future fancy nights out – the sweetheart neckline is gorgeous and it's 46% off!

    5. This classic cream chunky knit jumper is almost half price!

    6. These ribbed trousers are effortlessly cool and they're also 70% off right now, no biggie.

    7. At 56% off, these timeless leather-look skinny jeans come in at well under a tenner!

    8. This 60%-off midi dress has a universally flattering fit-and-flare style.

    9. This oversized blazer is 43% off and can be paired with everything from mini dresses to slouchy jeans!

    10. You can take 47% off this black mini skirt which has a stylish and functional slit in the front.

    11. I recently discovered the superior cosiness of extra fine merino wool. Join the club by getting this slashed-back detail jumper while it's 70% off!

    12. The belt and buttoning detail on this midi skirt make it look far more expensive than it is – and for good reason, considering it's 68% off!

    13. These comfy trousers will look great whether styled up or down, and are half price!

    14. This versatile organic cotton sweatshirt is 70% off, making it great for your wardrobe, the environment, and your wallet!

    15. These straight leg jeans have a timeless sort of elegance about them. You can get them for 35% off!

    16. This flippy skirt will look equally fab styled with tights and boots in the winter or strappy sandals in the summer – it's 39% off, just FYI.

    17. The classic leather over-the-knee boot simply refuses to go out of style, year after year. Get these premium-quality dark grey ones now while they're 43% off.

    18. This animal print floaty midi dress is a wardrobe staple, and it's a whopping 71% off at the moment!

    19. This 45%-off wrap dress is an easy throw-on-and-look-fabulous piece.

    20. This effortlessly cool slip dress is made using sustainable velour, easy to style whatever the weather, and an incredible 70% off!

    21. This luxe-looking coat is half price and made from premium-quality wool. Honestly, it's giving me serious timeless vintage vibes.

    22. There's 42% off this cosy oversized jumper! Its light green colour makes it a refreshing twist on a classic style.

    23. This structured midi dress has a stylish cutout detail and is an amazing 70% off!

    24. This 40%-off belted puffer jacket is filled with down, making it incredibly soft, stylish, and wallet-friendly.

    25. Take 70% off this cotton skater dress that you can wear for pretty much any occasion.

    26. Their croc texture means these 41%-off leather ankle boots will add a bit of interest to a basic all-black outfit.

    27. Finally, this oversized grey scarf is 66% off and the classic style will see you through many winters!