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    33 Gifts That Seem Thoughtful But Can Actually Be Given To Anyone

    This list is for that random aunt that you love dearly but always forget.

    1. I defy anyone to not be thrilled to receive this stunning Frida Kahlo teacup and saucer set.

    2. This 2020 Christmas tree decoration will feel really personal to just about everybody.

    3. These cute and colourful ceramic salt and pepper shakers are a total crowd pleaser.

    4. You can put a generic festive message on these chocolate letter blocks that make fab stocking fillers.

    5. They can enjoy some creativity with their morning coffee by making their own lil' world around this build-on brick mug!

    6. This beautiful notebook features a print of Van Gogh's Almond Blossom painting and comes with a handy pencil.

    7. You can split these boxes of fancy truffles up into smaller gifts or give them to one lucky (though forgotten) giftee.

    8. And the same goes for these festive socks that are perfect for wearing on Christmas day!

    9. How gorgeous is this rose gold-tone tea light holder? It has a rotating design so the stars shimmer in the light!

    10. These sushi socks don't just have a cool and quirky presentation, they actually look great when worn too!

    11. You can fill up these festive 'boozeballs' to hand out yourself, or give them the whole box to add to their own tree!

    12. These handmade floral tea lights look exquisite, and when lit they'll release the sweet and relaxing scent of neroli.

    13. They'll have so much fun with these sparkle drops that'll make their favourite cocktails shimmer!

    14. This teapot with a built-in infuser looks far more expensive than its under-£6 price tag!

    15. These makeup brushes are of a really high quality – any beauty lover will be thrilled to add them to their collection!

    16. They can make their own unique ice shot glasses with the help of these ~cool~ moulds.

    17. These bath bombs come stacked in an easy-to-wrap cylinder and (most importantly) they look like lil' macarons!

    18. Their eyes will ~light~ up when they see these pretty cherry blossom fairy lights!

    19. It's a good idea to have a few of these Burt's Bees lip balm sets ~buzzing~ around for emergency gift situations.

    20. These mini bath fizzers look like lil' Christmas puddings!

    21. This adorable terracotta plant pot is the perfect gift for a plant lover – AKA anybody.

    22. This fluffy slipper gift set includes products with the universally-yummy scent of sweet mandarin and grapefruit.

    23. I can guarantee that pretty much anybody's response to receiving these Lindt chocolates will be: "*gasp* how did you know they were my favourite?".

    24. This Among Us plushie is a cheap and easy gift for any little one.

    25. We all get the occasional aches, pains, and colds, so your random giftee will most likely appreciate this microwavable heating pad.

    26. These highly-rated liquid lipsticks are sure to please any makeup lover.

    27. Basically everyone over the age of 25 will be thankful for this luxe-looking gift set that'll help them to relax and unwind.

    28. These mulled wine bath bombs smell heavenly and release a gorgeous rose gold shimmer!

    29. They'll be touched to receive this set of motivational aromatherapy roller balls that are easy to take on the go.

    30. Both kids and parents will love this Rainbow Lab kit which will let them grow their own jelly-like crystals from scratch!

    31. Whoever they are, they deserve to pamper themselves with the help of this face, eye, and hair mask trio.

    32. These socks come in packaging that's as fun and quirky as they are!

    33. Finally, I'm pretty sure anybody would be delighted to receive this large essential oil diffuser that's of a really high quality for its price!