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    32 Little Things For £5 Or Under That Will Help Put A Smile On Your Face

    :) – me to all of these.

    1. This unicorn and rainbow salt and pepper set is simply too adorable for words.

    2. If you know someone that's been working throughout these Strange Times, you can send them a cute thank you note with this card.

    3. These paperclips are designed to look like cute lil' squirrels!!!

    4. And these trapped cat book page markers will make a purrfect addition to your stationery collection!

    5. Drop one of these seed bombs onto a well-lit patch of soil and watch it ka-bloom into bumblebee-loving wild flowers!

    6. You'll love reminiscing over all the '90s Disney movies of your childhood whilst playing this trivia card game!

    7. Can we please take a moment to appreciate this cheeky pink monkey who will kindly hold your rings on its tail?!

    8. This wide-rimmed moon mug is pretty magical!

    9. If you're feeling a bit down on your luck (or know a friend who is) then consider this book a lucky charm!

    10. And at the very least, this book of famous slip-ups will make you grateful that you didn't embarrass yourself on national television this week!

    11. I predict that this little bell will be chiming non-stop every Friday night until the end of time.

    12. Use some of this retro Coco Pops lip balm for a chocolate-flavoured blast from the past!

    13. Just read one of these Anatomicals face masks if you need a good chuckle (and some TLC for your skin!)

    14. And these holographic peel-off masks will make you look like a smiley alien.

    15. If you're not already feeling cheerful, you can fake it with this Genie sheet mask!

    16. And this lil' hand sanitiser will help you reach a whole new germless world.

    17. This motivational glass water bottle will remind you to make the most of your day – and keep up your daily water intake!

    18. This (poison) apple-scented bath fizzer will give you a bit of a shock then and a lot of a smile.

    19. You've already claimed your favourite mug, now you can get your very own colourful initial coaster to put it on!

    20. Get *really* creative with your colouring-in by using this multicoloured pencil!

    21. These cable bites will hold on to the most vulnerable part of your wires like tiny champions – protecting your cables while melting your heart.

    22. Using these workout cards will be sure to make you smile since (as a wise woman once said) exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy :).

    23. The citrusy print on this makeup bag will brighten up even the greyest of days!

    24. These cute scrunchies come in five different designs so you can impress your fellow conference call attendees every day!

    25. This beard buddy multi-tool keyring is cute AF and comes in pretty handy!

    26. This fidget cube is a perfect way to soothe away stress and has six different functions.

    27. Jazz up your furniture with these pretty floral knobs to bring some colour into your room!

    28. This lil' trinket dish is personalised with your zodiac!

    29. And this pretty zodiac pouch is the perfect size to hold all your makeup bits and bobs!

    30. This bunny tea towel is oh-so-cute and also oh-so-seasonal!

    31. This crystal heart ring would stack up nicely with the rest of your collection.

    32. And finally, send this bar of soap to somebody special to remind them that they are loved.