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    42 New Things You Can Get If You've Already Run Out Of Stuff To Do During Lockdown

    From picking up a new hobby to keeping the lil' ones entertained!

    1. Tie-dye is THE it-print at the moment. If you've got lots of spare time, why not try jazzing up your old white T-shirt in your own ~unique~ way with this tie-dye kit?

    2. This vlogging handbook will help if you want a creative way to reach new people while stuck at home.

    3. And this painting-by-numbers kit is really detailed, so using it will be a good way to pass the time!

    4. No salon? No problem – try your hand at doing your own at-home manicure with this surprisingly cheap UV nail dryer!

    5. This Friends 'draw it' game is great if you feel like you've already tried Every. Single. Game. Out there.

    6. This easy-to-assemble kit has everything you need to make your very own buzzer game!

    7. If you want to try running outdoors but are anxious about it, then this book of mindful thoughts for runners could help!

    8. If your green thumb is itching but you don't have much outdoor space, you can use this kit to grow your own cherry tomatoes in a jute bag.

    9. And just add some water to grow your own cactus in this tin.

    10. If quarantine has turned you into a total foodie, you can try making your own pasta with this luxury kit – it has all the ingredients and tools you'll need to make your favourite dish from scratch!

    11. These 'yoga pretzels' cards have 50 fun yoga activities that you and the little ones will enjoy trying!

    12. And the lil' feminists in your life definitely won't get bored of this puzzle full of amazing women throughout history.

    13. If your home workouts have gotten a bit too easy, make them harder with these non-slip resistance bands that go up in resistance for different levels of difficulty!

    14. You can make up to 12 cute jewellery pieces with this beginner's jewellery-making kit – you can keep some for yourself and send others as cute lil' gifts to friends to brighten everyone's day!

    15. This isolation mystery box is full of joy-bringing treats and games that are worth over £60 if you were to buy them separately – it would make a great gift for a friend who's feeling lonely, too!

    16. Now that spring has fully sprung, you can make this beautiful paper flower wreath to add some ~groundbreaking~ (and long-lasting) floral decoration to your home.

    17. Now's the perfect time to learn a new hobby – like using your daily allowance of exercise to take a spin on these chic roller skates.

    18. And this bat and ball set will give you hours of competitive fun with the family over the dining table.

    19. You can learn a new instrument (and how to make one) with this DIY synth kit!

    20. And you can make your own sketcher pad with this fun and easy set.

    21. Fancy making your garden feel like a peaceful retreat? This simple gardening kit is full of gorgeous sensory plants that come with a pre-designed layout to make your borders look as beautiful as possible.

    22. Create a cosy glow for your bedroom with this candle-making craft kit!

    23. This wholesome Bob Ross colouring book will make the hours pass by serenely.

    24. This mindfulness colouring book has lots of peaceful line drawings for you to fill in when you're feeling stressed.

    25. And you can get the accuracy of a pencil and the delicacy of a wash of paint if you colour them in using this set of watercolour pencils.

    26. This sports day set will make sure the kids don't miss out on the best day of the summer term, as you can recreate it at home!

    27. And get their creative juices flowing with this book full of art workshops that they can do inside!

    28. This three-month baking club subscription is perfect for any budding baker! You'll be sent detailed recipes and all the dry ingredients you'll need for the bakes!

    29. Why not write some cute letters to your pals with this eco-friendly writing set that's handmade from elephant poo?!

    30. You can use this kintsugi repair kit to make your own beautiful pieces, and even repair some extra ones that have already broken!

    31. You can make your very own fruity wine with this hedgerow wine-making kit and ingredients that you can find locally – or possibly in your garden!

    32. And you can make your own organic massage bar and rose-shaped bath melts with this kit – it has everything you need to create your perfect pamper night in!

    33. This bubble-blowing bubble bath will make your pamper session even more fun!

    34. And you can make your own lip balms with this fun kit that's full of natural ingredients!

    35. This ring toss game can be played inside or out in the garden, and is fun for the whole family!

    36. You can start a fun hobby and decorate your home at the same time with this cross-stitch kit.

    37. Writing in this anxiety journal is a good way to soothe your stresses and lift your mood.

    38. Dig up all your old pictures and memories to make your very own scrapbook. It'll be perfect for flicking through when you could do with a smile!

    39. Make your own personalised sign with this neon light set that you can twist into any shape or word you like!

    40. Make five bottles of colour-changing gin with this ~magical~ gin-infusing kit!

    41. This 'think happy thoughts' cross-stitch kit will keep you occupied and makes a great base for a beautifully-decorated banner, throw pillow, or draught excluder!

    42. And finally, if all else fails, you can use this handy book as a guide for things to do when you want to get away from the distractions of social media.