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    29 Things To Help Make Your Home A Much Better Place To Be

    Because if you're spending all your time there, it may as well be at its best.

    1. This 100% natural Himalayan pink salt lamp emits ions to purify the air while it glows, bringing another level of positive vibes to your room.

    2. And this isolation 'mystery box' contains over £60-worth of fun products to alleviate boredom at home – it would make a great gift, or a much-deserved treat for yourself!

    3. This monogram door knocker will give your family the chance to not simply barge into your bedroom – a chance they’ll probably still ignore, but at least it makes a pretty addition to your room!

    4. This soothing sound machine is perfect for when you need to wind down and relax.

    5. And this musical wine glass is here to help you get the (house) party started!

    6. You can turn your bathroom into a fancy spa with this self-care facial kit, which will help you to get into a skincare routine to make your skin positively glow.

    7. If all this extra time has turned you into a keen plant parent, you can use this teeny tiny watering can to care for your lil' plant babies.

    8. I don’t think there’s any question that this sloth planter WILL make your home a better place to be. It just will.

    9. If you're confident in your green thumb and want to grow your plant child from scratch, then why not get this grow-your-own Bonsai tree kit?

    10. And this Kintsugi repair kit will provide you with a useful way to while away the time and a few gorgeous bits of decor when you're done with it!

    11. This pink llama duster has clever fibres which catch every bit of dust from any surface, but most importantly, look how freaking cute it is!!!!!

    12. And this arm rest caddy will keep your most important amenities close to hand – 'cause the last thing you probably want is an argument about where the remote is.

    13. If you've reached the non-stop baking stage of staying at home, then I'm sure you'll appreciate this blackbird pie funnel to add the perfect finishing touch to your dainty dishes.

    14. This mini waffle maker is just SO satisfying to use!

    15. And this sleek fridge magnet will let you open your bottles in one easy move.

    16. This metal wall hanging will constantly remind you that there's no place like home.

    17. And this adorable dumpling lamp will light up your home in more ways than one!

    18. You can create your own little cosy den with the help of this cotton reading nook.

    19. This scented candle will fill the entire room with Jo Malone's classic Pomegranate Noir scent – 'cause a nice-smelling home is important, people.

    20. While we're on the subject, with everyone in your house probably spending way more time at home (and consequently, in the shared bathroom) you can avoid any ~interesting~ smells with this toilet spray, which traps odours under the toilet water's surface!

    21. This underwater disco light will make your tub the hottest place to be on a Saturday night!

    22. Make lunchtime way more fun for the lil' one (and let’s be honest, for you too) with this 'here comes the aeroplane' spoon.

    23. This squishy pillow is heated, so it will keep you nice and ~toasty~ if your house is on the chillier side.

    24. And these cosy boots are microwavable and scented with lavender to give your cold toes the TLC they deserve.

    25. The best thing about being stuck at home? Breakfast in bed whenever you like, of course! Serve yourself in style with this chic rattan tray.

    26. This pretty marble diffuser will fill your room with the calming scent of essential oils, and adds some much-needed fresh moisture to the air.

    27. If you want to get into yoga but need some inspiration, look no further than this yoga pose scratch-off poster that ranges from beginner-level to more advanced moves to challenge yourself with.

    28. And if you've rinsed all your favourite films by now and are in need of a bit of inspiration, this 100 movies scratch-off poster is here to save the day!

    29. Finally, these playing cards will bring the whole family together, and come in a stylish little leather case!