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    Struggling To Sleep During The Heatwave? Here's What To Buy To Make It Easier

    Alexa, play "No Air" by Jordin Sparks.

    1. First thing's first, it's worth swapping your fave year-round PJs for this breathable cotton set!

    2. This memory foam pillow boasts a bunch of cooling and height-adjusting features to ensure you get a great night's sleep, even in the sticky heat!

    3. And if you want to stay loyal to your current favourite pillow, pop this cooling gel insert into your pillowcase to absorb the heat from your neck and head while you sleep.

    4. Speaking of pillowcases, I think it's time you checked out these silk fibre ones that have a naturally cooling effect!

    5. If you need to have *something* to cover yourself with as you sleep, but your duvet is simply Too Much right now, maybe you should try this incredibly lightweight blanket instead!

    6. And if you're like me and usually enjoy wrapping yourself up into a lil' burrito with your duvet, don't worry, I have you covered! This V-shaped pillow offers something to hold on to while you sleep which feels *just* as secure without the stifling extra weight.

    7. Place this wedge cushion between your legs to create more space (and less sweat!).

    8. This extra large gel mat can be placed under your bedsheets to bring a whole new meaning to 'the cool side of the bed'!

    9. And if you wanted to make more of a year-round investment, this memory foam mattress topper uses Gelex technology to help regulate your temperature while you sleep.

    10. This Stay Cool ice towel pretty much does what it says on the tin! You can apply it to your face, neck, wrists, and feet (AKA your body's prime cooling spots) while you get settled in for bed.

    11. This handheld fan is super quiet, so it won't disturb anybody else you're sleeping with.

    12. Let's address the elephant in the room here – once you eventually do get to sleep, it's probably time for the sun to rise. Enter: this super cute eye mask that comes complete with an ice pack insert.

    13. Use this soothing ice roller on your face (or anywhere that needs some extra cooling) before bed.

    14. Finally, this Magicool body spray is basically like an air conditioner in a bottle! Spray it on your skin for an instant chilled effect.