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    8 Things To Help Make Your Bath Way Better

    Make your me time that *bit* more special.

    1. These fancy bath melts that will make you feel like a pampered goddess.

    2. This bath caddy that will hold your book, your phone, and (most importantly) your wine.

    3. This waterproof bath pillow to make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud and not in a cold enamel tub.

    4. This bath foam to help you de-stress and feel like a kid again.

    5. Use this bath honey, so you can spoil yourself with a clean conscience.

    6. Cleanse your body along with your mind with these dead sea bath salts.

    7. And soothe your sore muscles with these Epsom salts.

    8. And finally, for the real cherry on top of every ultimate bath experience: the humble scented candle.