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    27 Things To Help Brighten Up Your Home Now That It's Dark By 4pm

    It’s time to up your lighting game!

    1. You can choose whether you want this dimmable moon lamp to give a warm or white light depending on your needs.

    2. And these glass dome lights will give even the darkest of corners a cosy glow.

    3. This delicate tree lamp has a timer function to help you save energy, and the intricately handmade branches actually look like snow-dusted twigs!

    4. And this book lamp is battery operated, so you can fold it up and take it with you anywhere you might fancy a lil' read.

    5. This adorable drop lamp will light up your heart along with your flat.

    6. These classic fairy lights have over 1,000 reviews with a 4.2 star average rating, and will bring a cosy glow to those cold, dark nights.

    7. This flame-effect lamp will make you feel like you're cosying up by the fireplace, even if your landlord rudely forgot to install one.

    8. This cute cactus lamp is a cheap and cheerful way of brightening up any dark spot.

    9. This thoughtful iron robot lamp is sure to turn heads – and his movable limbs are surprisingly sturdy.

    10. And this helpful cactus reading lamp will hold your pens, has a touch on/off system, and folds away neatly.

    11. If you thought you couldn't possibly fit any more cosy lights in your tiny flat, think again – these curtain lights will help you create the ideal light wall.

    12. You can hang this portable jar light pretty much anywhere to add a warm and cosy glow.

    13. These energy-saving jar flower lights are solar powered by a separate solar panel, so they can still brighten up any dark corner.

    14. These solar-powered rose lights look realistic during the day, but will give your garden a magical glow at night (or let's be honest, anytime after 3pm).

    15. These star fairy lights will add a touch of early Christmas cheer to your home.

    16. And if you're ready to go a bit more full-on with the festive decorations, these mini light-up jars bring a whole new meaning to Christmas tree lights.

    17. Why keep your Christmas light-induced cheer restricted to your home? You can take these beard ornament lights with you everywhere – 'tis the season, after all.

    18. This vintage-style Edison lamp will give your tabletop a sleek and stylish update.

    19. And this dimmable Edison lamp will add a retro touch to any room.

    20. If your exposed bulb obsession can't be satisfied by lamps alone, this suspended bulb chandelier is a sure-fire fix (and surprisingly affordable!)

    21. And for the finishing touch, these Edison bulbs are dimmable, have a cosy warm tone, and will fit large screw fittings easily.

    22. This copper-tone light shade will let the maximum amount of light into your room.

    23. And this super luxurious lamp shade is covered in around 2,000 feathers, so will bask your room in a warm, cosy glow.

    24. This Himalayan pink salt lamp is made using 100% natural healing salt crystals, so its warm glow might lift your mood in more ways than one!

    25. This light-up vanity mirror will make putting on your makeup in low lighting SO much easier.

    26. You can bring light into your life wherever you go with this light-up compact mirror.

    27. And finally, you can spice up your boring light switches with these quirky decals.