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    21 Things Under £15 That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are

    For if you have standards but also have a budget.

    1. These rustic rope plant hangers are a clever way to display your plants if you've got absolutely no space left on your shelves.

    2. And this standing plant vase will look so chic, no matter where you put it!

    3. This wicker storage basket is way cheaper (and much better quality) than many with a similar design.

    4. Your houseguests will secretly want this Edison wall lamp for themselves.

    5. And these decorative artificial flowers are - quite literally - lit.

    6. This candle holder is sleek and elegant.

    7. And these Himalayan pink salt candle holders have natural air-purifying properties!

    8. This giraffe toilet roll holder will bring a bit of charm to your bathroom.

    9. You'd never assume these simply adorable astronaut stud earrings were under three quid!!!

    10. And these abstract earrings will make maximum impact with minimum £££.

    11. You can use this wide wrap belt to accentuate your waist and make your outfits look more tailored (read: expensive).

    12. This dandelion wrapping paper is so pretty that it could easily pass for a wall print.

    13. I'm sorry, but this stag watercolour print could *easily* pass for three times its price.

    14. This set of three tropical plant prints will perfectly complement pretty much any style of decor.

    15. This spa pillow will make your bath feel ridiculously relaxing.

    16. And these bath bombs are deeply luxurious.

    17. You can kill three birds with one (surprisingly affordable) stone with this lavender-infused epsom salt foaming bath liquid.

    18. And to complete your bathroom/spa? This fancy AF bar of soap.

    19. What better way to pamper yourself than by putting on these under eye masks which contain actual gold powder?!

    20. This rose quartz jade roller looks so pretty, you'll be counting down the hours till you can use it.

    21. And finally, you can personalise this makeup bag to make it *really* special.