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    33 Cheap And Fun Things Under £6 That Are Actually Really Useful

    A bit of fun – but with a purpose!

    1. Be your own Mary Poppins and make cleaning your grotty keyboard fun with this grime slime!

    2. This pearl-adorned cloud sticks to the back of your phone to hold it up while you FaceTime your pals.

    3. And this cute anti-phone signal bag will block the signals of up to eight phones at a time – so you can fully enjoy quality time with family, and also not get distracted by social media notifications while you work!

    4. I'm sorry, but how insanely adorable is this teeny tiny zen garden?! It will let you take a much-deserved mindful moment for yourself.

    5. The steam from your shower will work its magic on this de-stressing shower steamer, releasing a calming blend of oils to help you properly relax.

    6. And these soothing acai berry-infused bath salts come with the cutest little scoop ever!!!

    7. This pet selfie picture tool will hold a treat up for your favourite lil' one, so you can capture how they truly are the Goodest Boy (or girl).

    8. This panda audio splitter is ridiculously adorable!

    9. This sleepy bear will keep your cup of tea warmer for longer.

    10. And these cute cable bites will keep your wires in place and stop them from getting damaged.

    11. This Squeeze Sponge has a built-in foaming cellulose core and a heavy-duty linen blend cover, so you can clean your pots and pans with minimal waste!

    12. This helpful book is full of fun things to do on your lunch break – you can use it both at home and when you're back to your regular working schedule.

    13. From makeup to pens, you can use this ~wavy~ clear pouch to store pretty much anything.

    14. These Moomin gel pens are erasable!!!

    15. Who DOESN'T need a gorgeous rose gold-coloured standing plant pot for under a fiver?!

    16. This Frida Kahlo mini plant pot will brighten up any window sill.

    17. And how cheeky does this terracotta planter look?!

    18. Let's be honest, if your hands are *really* dry right now, this refreshing hand cream will be an absolute godsend.

    19. This unicorn peel-off mask is infused with grapefruit and vitamin C to brighten your skin and make it ~glow~.

    20. And you can keep your hair out of your face with this Tigger headband.

    21. Detach from your social screens for a while and play this social bingo card game instead!

    22. You'll have endless fun with your WFH buddy (or even your pet, TBH) with these world's smallest laser blasters!

    23. And this Game of Thrones activity book is a great way to help pass the time!

    24. This pretty bandana-print iPhone case will keep your phone safe from everyday bumps and scratches.

    25. This blueberry and citrus herbal tea contains natural antioxidants and is so pretty to look at.

    26. And this unicorn hot chocolate kit is super fun, no matter your age!

    27. This sleepy sloth mug has a suitably large capacity to fit a nice big cuppa.

    28. And this ceramic cat mug has super cute and practical lil' feet and a tail as its handle!!!

    29. This faux agave plant is perfect if you long to be a plant parent but lack the agricultural know-how.

    30. This cute microwavable corgi heating pad will warm your hands as well as your heart.

    31. This initial ceramic trinket dish (almost) has your name on it!

    32. This geometric-print daily planner will help you to stay productive and organised.

    33. And finally, you can plug these disco ball fairy lights into your iPhone to get the party started pretty much anywhere – even if it's just in your bedroom!