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    32 Products I Think Disney Princesses Would Definitely Own If They Lived In 2021

    The SonicScrubber would have been a game-changer for Cinderella!

    ✨ Tiana ✨

    1. Since she's basically the inventor of multi-tasking, Tiana would definitely own this chic rose gold-tinted kitchen mixer to make baking even more effortless!

    2. This planner pad would be essential for the daily running of her restaurant, and the gorgeous floral design is fit for a princess!

    3. She'd be sure to rock this oversized blazer in her endless business meetings!

    4. If she makes a simple drizzle of honey look this impressive, imagine the POWER if she was armed with this honey dispenser jar!

    5. How cute and quirky is this cabbage leaf serving bowl? It'd be the perfect place to display her gumbo with pride!

    ✨ Cinderella ✨

    6. With her impeccable seamstress skills, Cinders would probably get a kick out of this cross-stitch kit. It even has an adorable mouse and dandelion pattern!

    7. This SonicScrubber cleaning brush would do all the hard scrubbing work for her, so she can spend more time admiring herself in floating bubbles.

    8. These hand-blown glass globes would water her plants while she's busy with all the housework – and I'm sure she would appreciate the cute bird design!

    9. There's literally nowhere to hide your feet when wearing glass slippers, so these foot-peeling masks would prep and prime them to perfection.

    10. I think we all know why this ceramic pumpkin mug is relevant. It even has a lid to keep her cuppa warm while she's busy saving the mice from Lucifer!

    11. This cute floral dress comes in her signature colour.

    ✨ Moana ✨

    12. Moana would definitely have an impressive plant collection, and of course she'd take care of them with this suitably stunning plant mister!

    13. Realistically, if she's gonna be sailing around the world, she'll probably need a practical (yet cute) backpack like this one.

    14. This colourful printed playsuit would be right up her street!

    15. Moana lives on a Polynesian island, so you know these sunglasses make sense. She would LOVE their quirky shell-shaped design!

    16. Let me set the scene: it's golden hour on the island and Moana applies some of this liquid highlighter to her cheekbones. The resulting selfies would probably break the internet.

    ✨ Aurora ✨

    17. In this day and age, she'd be a fool not to make the most of all that beauty sleep! She'd definitely apply this deeply nourishing overnight sleep recovery mask before she nods off.

    18. Something tells me that Flora and Merryweather would be clashing over the *precise* shade of this colour-changing gin – rather than Aurora's dress – these days!

    19. Is it just me, or are the tones of this striped long-sleeved dress exactly the same as those of Aurora's casual daytime lewk?

    20. She'd probably have a pet dog rather than an owl, and wouldn't be able to resist dressing it up in this cute and cosy reversible waistcoat!

    ✨ Mulan ✨

    21. Mulan would definitely appreciate the huge amount of unisex clothes on offer these days. Just look at these sleek black joggers!

    22. She'd love tracking her fitness goals with the help of this smart watch.

    23. You just know Mulan would get on the hair claw trend – these tortoiseshell ones are practical AND gorgeous!

    24. And this microwaveable bowl has a built-in phone stand so she'd be able to catch up on soldier training tips over her brekkie.

    ✨ Snow White ✨

    25. Snow would unintentionally tempt fate by wearing this thematic knit.

    26. She'd have her very own un-cursed mirror, and would find the curved green border design simply ~magical~.

    27. She'd also have this self-warming pet bed set up and ready for any stray animal – okay, her many pets – to cosy down on.

    28. And basically everything in her home would be animal-themed, like this cute fox neck cushion.

    ✨ Rapunzel ✨

    29. I'm gonna point out the obvious here – there's no way she'd be able to keep those locks quite so long with modern heat styling and pollution levels! Enter: this incredible leave-in conditioner that's perfect for maintaining long hair.

    30. She'd probably swap the elaborate flowers for these slightly more subtle floral hair pins.

    31. Of course she'd own this acrylic painting set that comes complete with 24 tubes of paint, 12 paintbrushes, and an artist's mixing palette!

    32. And let's be honest, the original lockdown queen would have to invest in this lumbar support back rest if she wanted to stay sprightly after so long indoors!