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    23 Gorgeous Kitchen Products From Wayfair That I'm Gonna Need To Add To My Basket ASAP

    I can't be the only one who gets excited about matte gold cutlery?

    1. I'm *obsessed* with the copper tones of this non-stick pot and pan set. You'll get loads for your money too!

    2. This gold toned drinks trolley lives in my mind rent free. Whether you store it in the kitchen or living room, the slim, round design fits a surprising amount without taking up too much space!

    3. Serve your cocktails in style with the help of these ombre coupe glasses.

    4. This iconic Le Creuset casserole dish is 24% off. So if you've always wondered what the hype is about, now's your chance to find out!

    5. This sleek four-slice toaster is far more beautiful than is required of a kitchen appliance.

    6. If you love nothing better than cosying up with a cuppa and a good book, then buying this handmade teapot is kind of a no brainer! Might I point out that the teacup and saucer serve as a fully functioning lid?

    7. This marble-design serving tray is so beautiful, it basically counts as decor.

    8. The gold-toned rim, hand-moulded crinkle shape, and thin porcelain design of this exquisite salad bowl make it look about three times its actual price!

    9. Not to be dramatic, but I would die for this porcelain elephant teapot.

    10. This sleek and stylish trolley offers a handy bit of extra storage for the awkward space between your cabinets that's currently gathering dust.

    11. And you can hook this copper-toned rack onto a spare rail for some extra shelf space without having to drill any more holes into the wall.

    12. This vintage-style drawer separator will help to keep your cutlery in check while looking fabulous at the same time.

    13. How incredibly adorable are these bird-themed ceramic measuring spoons?

    14. This magnetic knife rack is made from a solid piece of teak wood – I love the effect once the knives are attached.

    15. The sleek honeycomb design of this wine rack will add a bit of pizzazz to your countertop.

    16. If this 18-piece lemon dinnerware set doesn't get you excited about summer dining, I don't know what will!

    17. There's something about the quirky shapes and contrasting colours in this 16-piece cutlery set that just makes me really happy.

    18. These cute mugs are giving me all the springtime feels.

    19. I adore the tilted angle and unique geometric design of these whiskey tumblers.

    20. Eat your breakfast in style with the help of this pretty and practical serving tray – the William Morris print is utterly gorgeous.

    21. This stunning handmade fruit bowl has been crafted from reclaimed teak root wood.

    22. This quirky printed cake stand dismantles really easily, making it a great space-saving piece!

    23. Finally, these elaborately-designed charge plates look like they've come straight out of a luxe villa in the South of France.