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    19 Surprisingly Clever Products That Kill Two Birds With One Stone

    ...and sometimes even more!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These air-purifying bags help to get rid of damp air and ~interesting~ smells from your wardrobe, car, and even your fridge!

    Amazon / Via

    The activated bamboo carbon in these works by purifying the surrounding air from bacteria, allergens, and mould – neutralising bad odours AND absorbing the humidity in the air. So say goodbye to damp clothes and that funny smell in the backseat of your car!

    Price: £16.99 for two bags.

    2. You can use these eco-friendly food wraps to keep food fresh, seal up bowls, and pack snacks for your picnic.

    Amazon / Via

    You can use these wraps instead of clingfilm – they flex and grip around surfaces just as effectively. They're entirely plastic-free and are made from organic cotton and beeswax so they’re washable, reusable, and compostable, too!

    Price: £11.99 for a set of six wraps.

    3. This ‘wallet ninja’ really lives up to its name! It has 18 different uses and is slim enough to fit in your card holder.

    Amazon / Via

    Its uses include (but are definitely not limited to) opening your bottle, holding up your phone securely, and helping you to peel an orange – ‘cause you never know!

    Price: £3.99

    4. This ionic hair straightener brush reduces frizz, improves hair strength and shine, and makes straightening an absolute breeze.

    Amazon / Via

    This brush works on all hair types, and customers say using it has reduced the time it takes to straighten their hair dramatically! The heat is more evenly distributed throughout your hair compared to traditional straighteners, and the ionic technology works to lock moisture into the individual strands.

    Price: £30.69 for the brush, protective glove, heat-resistant mat, and handy cleaning brush.

    5. These tumble dryer balls will make your clothes dry quicker, soften the fabric, and ease out creases.

    Amazon / Via

    These will cut drying time by up to 40 minutes – saving you time and money on your energy bill. They're entirely organic and cruelty-free, and they even come with a free bottle of lavender essential oil which you can add to your drum for clothes that are dry, crease-free, AND smell amazing.

    Price: £14.99 for six extra-large balls.

    6. This bookmark will not only hold the page, but also the exact word that you stopped reading on.

    Amazon / Via

    The elastic band bookmark stretches to fit different sized books perfectly, and it holds a firm grip to the pages, so there's no chance of it falling out and losing your place!

    Price: £6.99

    7. You can use these trivet mats to hold hot pans and even open impossibly stiff jars.

    Amazon / Via

    The high-quality silicone material won’t stain or absorb funny smells, and customers love how easy these are to store – you can hang them up on a hook so you always have them to hand (trust me, you'll be using these a LOT).

    Price: £6.97 for two mats.

    8. This chopping board folds up, making it so much easier to transfer your chopped up bits of food to the stove.

    Amazon / Via

    You just have to squeeze the handle of the board to fold it into a convenient chute shape.

    Price: £11.60 - £14.40 depending on size and colour (available in small and large).

    9. And this chopping board has a strong knife sharpener built in.

    Amazon / Via

    This makes sure your knives are always on top form when you actually need them to be. Customers love how the non-slip surface of this makes chopping their veg a lot safer, too.

    Price: £14.40

    10. This double-ended grinder will sort out all your salt AND pepper needs.

    Amazon / Via

    It's really versatile too, you can swap them out for dried herbs or other spices to suit your taste – just flip it over to switch between seasonings. Customers say the grinder is of a really good quality, and once it's filled the yin and yang-esque design is just super satisfying to look at!

    Price: £9.99

    11. This gentle grooming brush will detangle and de-shed your pupper’s coat without tugging on their hairs.

    Amazon / Via

    Grooming your pet doesn't have to be a chore! The soft bristles of this brush are surprisingly effective at getting out knots and removing loose hair!

    Price: £12.99

    12. This deep-cleaning brush set covers all your scrubbing, cleaning, and wiping needs in one convenient package.

    Amazon / Via

    This is all you’ll need to sort out those fiddly cleaning jobs you’ve been putting off for ages! It’s got a large brush for scrubbing, a smaller brush for those hard-to-reach areas, and a wiper blade to clean small-but-deep surfaces in one easy swipe.

    Price: £5.79

    13. You can soak and wring your mop in record time with this mop and bucket set which has a turbo spin design.

    Amazon / Via

    The foot pedal even lets you control the amount of water in the mop depending on the type of floor you want to clean. The microfibre material of the mop head makes it really effective at cleaning spills quickly, and the bucket even has a convenient pouring spout – no wonder it has a 4.5-star average rating with over 10,000 reviews!

    Price: £27.75

    14. This shower curtain has pockets so you can have your shampoo to hand when you need it, and even safely use your phone or tablet while you’re in the tub!

    Amazon / Via

    The eight touch-sensitive pockets are strategically arranged to be roughly at eye level, whether you’re standing or sitting, and the weighted magnets attached to the hem of the curtain ensure it won’t slide around too much, keeping your phone secure.

    Price: £9.99

    15. Dr Bronner’s soap is a long-standing multi-purpose hero – among its many uses, you can dilute it to clean your floors, wash your hair, and hand wash your clothes.

    Amazon / Via

    It’s super concentrated, so a tiny bit of this stuff will really go a long way (and be cheaper in the long run!) The packaging is made from recycled plastics and the ingredients of the soap itself are 100% natural, so it’s kinder to the environment than your average soap!

    Price: £17.84

    16. This antibacterial cleaning pad has shot to cult-cleaning status recently (thanks Mrs. Hinch), and for good reason! It has a side for scrubbing and a side for wiping down, so it’s pretty much all you’ll need to properly clean smooth surfaces.

    Amazon / Via

    This pad uses naturally antibacterial material so it works really well in conjunction with cleaning products to get your surfaces properly clean. Top tip: use the wiping side dry over mirrors and windows to get rid of watermarks in a flash!

    Price: £2.49

    17. And you can use these magic eraser sponges to clean your oven, bathtub, shoes, and way more!

    Amazon / Via

    These genius little sponges give a powerful clean with just water, so you don’t have to use any extra cleaning products!

    Price: £9.99 for 10 magic erasers.

    18. You can use these handy magnetic clips to organise your cables, keep your headphone wires tangle-free, and pin your shopping list to the fridge.

    Amazon / Via

    The magnets are really strong, and the rubber section can stretch if necessary to create a really firm grip around whatever they're holding on to.

    Price: £6.79 for six clips.

    19. And finally, this shoulder bag will hold all your bits and bobs with ease, and will probably go with everything you own.

    Amazon / Via

    This highly-rated bag has multiple compartments (so it holds more than you think it will), is super comfy to wear, and has a colourful yet wearable design.

    Price: £19.99