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    19 Surprisingly Clever Products That Kill Two Birds With One Stone

    ...and sometimes even more!

    1. These air-purifying bags help to get rid of damp air and ~interesting~ smells from your wardrobe, car, and even your fridge!

    2. You can use these eco-friendly food wraps to keep food fresh, seal up bowls, and pack snacks for your picnic.

    3. This ‘wallet ninja’ really lives up to its name! It has 18 different uses and is slim enough to fit in your card holder.

    4. This ionic hair straightener brush reduces frizz, improves hair strength and shine, and makes straightening an absolute breeze.

    5. These tumble dryer balls will make your clothes dry quicker, soften the fabric, and ease out creases.

    6. This bookmark will not only hold the page, but also the exact word that you stopped reading on.

    7. You can use these trivet mats to hold hot pans and even open impossibly stiff jars.

    8. This chopping board folds up, making it so much easier to transfer your chopped up bits of food to the stove.

    9. And this chopping board has a strong knife sharpener built in.

    10. This double-ended grinder will sort out all your salt AND pepper needs.

    11. This gentle grooming brush will detangle and de-shed your pupper’s coat without tugging on their hairs.

    12. This deep-cleaning brush set covers all your scrubbing, cleaning, and wiping needs in one convenient package.

    13. You can soak and wring your mop in record time with this mop and bucket set which has a turbo spin design.

    14. This shower curtain has pockets so you can have your shampoo to hand when you need it, and even safely use your phone or tablet while you’re in the tub!

    15. Dr Bronner’s soap is a long-standing multi-purpose hero – among its many uses, you can dilute it to clean your floors, wash your hair, and hand wash your clothes.

    16. This antibacterial cleaning pad has shot to cult-cleaning status recently (thanks Mrs. Hinch), and for good reason! It has a side for scrubbing and a side for wiping down, so it’s pretty much all you’ll need to properly clean smooth surfaces.

    17. And you can use these magic eraser sponges to clean your oven, bathtub, shoes, and way more!

    18. You can use these handy magnetic clips to organise your cables, keep your headphone wires tangle-free, and pin your shopping list to the fridge.

    19. And finally, this shoulder bag will hold all your bits and bobs with ease, and will probably go with everything you own.